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  1. I'm gonna just carry the pistol(s). I think it will ruin an aesthetic to me to carry a long arm over Arthur's shoulder in most towns. Out in the wilderness however is a different story. Shotgun or repeater out there.
  2. I have a thought. When we first meet John Marston riiiiiight at the start of RDR1 He's not at Beecher's Hope. He's getting off of the steamboat with the federales. Which suggests they have either brought him back from somewhere abroad (in relation to West Elizabeth and New Austin). We also know that the FBI (or its RDR incumbent) has blackmailed John into being its assassin. He's tasked with capturing or killing Bill Williamson ("I'm trying to save you Bill. They'll kill us all") Javier Escuela and Dutch Van Der Linde. One by one exterminating the members of the old gang. Whats not to say that John hasn't just stepped off of that steamboat after killing Arthur Morgan on behalf of the law?
  3. I opened this because I was interested to know more but I'm glad its not been greatly touched upon. I suppose its a fair guess to say that the robbery going badly wrong must be the Blackwater Massacre of 1899. Its got to be something big for the Van der Linde gang to draw that much heat.
  4. Howdy Pilgrims! I am Manco and I am from the Midlands in the UK. I absolutely adored Red Dead Redempton when it came out in 2010 and was a regular poster on the old reddead.net forum. Looking forward to chatting with you all about the game up to and beyond launch day!
  5. Looking at the gameplay video again. There are a couple of stills of Arthur carrying weapons or selecting them from his horse. Rather than the never-ending inventory of GTA/RDR could it be possible that we are looking at having to select the right tools for the job? There are a couple of examples of Arthur walking down the street with a rifle over his shoulder, a shotgun in hand and his revolver holstered. There is also a still of him selecting his rifle from his horse. Could your loadout selection be crucial in how you play the game? For example if you've decided to bring the rolling block rifle with you and you end up in a bar fight you're going to have a bad time.
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