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  1. This place has gotten pretty spoilery. The internet as a whole has actually. But Since launch, the amount of members has insanely sky rocketed and it’s just too difficult to avoid now. So I’m bowing out. I’ll see y’all again once I’ve beaten this thing.
  2. Anyone shot an African Lion lately?
  3. Pay a visit to Watson’s Cabin, NW of Wallace Station along the river. Things got dark in there, but worth the trip.
  4. @Benjo hates Red Dead, and now it’s viral. Also he likes cats.
  5. How far into this thing are you? I thought you liked to get lost in freeroam. ARe you more focused on missions this time around? The story, especially the writing is top notch.
  6. Truly. So much going on out of the trail. I was just thinking, man, that ride to Blackwater to rescue Sean was quite a jog from valentine. Its gonna be nuts riding all over the map with 1 horsepower.
  7. So I’m not super far in the game yet, but am I to understand there won’t be a fast travel option at all? I figured I would be unlocking this at some point.
  8. I had. And it wasn’t there. I returned for a second search and found it.
  9. The first bounty mission was to get this dude who ends up jumping into a river to escape. I jumped on his horse to catch up to him. Brought him in for the bounty and now my horse is gone. Sooo...? I’ve been riding all over looking for her. That’s it? She’s just gone?
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