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  1. Hey All Does anyone have the list of all of Maggie Fike Missions? I feel like I have missed something somewhere. Didn't feel like I have completed all of the missions but the same one keeps coming back up. It could be because I keep dying during the mission itself and that is why I am stuck even though it finishes with the correct cut scene. Any thoughts? I know it says 2 team lives but I die a lot more than that. LOL. Tough mission to do solo for sure. I understand that after completing all of them you can go back and replay (like the LeClerk missions) but it is not unlocked for me so I have to think there are more missions that I am just not getting to yet.
  2. When it first came out this was a big problem for online players like myself who just wanted to go out and enjoy the map. I was very frustrated at first, seeings how this was the first time I had ever played an online game and I didn't want to play online any more because of it. With the updates and changes that Rockstar made, you can play in Defensive mode and it made a HUGE difference. A big part of the beauty of both story mode and online is just trekking out and exploring so Defensive mode really makes it possible to do without being harassed by players who wish to gun down anything that flinches. ; ) I respect they are having fun but it was destroying my enjoyment. I can honestly say that after the updates, I really love online play now. I have PS4 version, XBoxOne version and now PC version. Online in all three is completely enjoyable.
  3. Can I just say that this is ONE NICE CONTROLLER ... bought it for my laptop to play RDR2 later today when it releases and I have to say after doing some tests with it .. I might actually use this for my PS4 as well. Really comfortable and they really spared no expense on the packaging. Comes with an excellent protective case. I may have to buy another one ... LOL
  4. I just wanted to say to all new players who have waited so patiently for RDR2 on PC - Welcome to an absolutely amazing adventure. I am new to gaming, after only starting a couple of short years ago and RDR2 was one of the best purchases I have made. I have been at it now for a year and it is the only game that I pick up and play every single day. My advice is simple and with no spoilers. Play story mode first .. take your time and EXPLORE EVERYTHING. The real beauty in this game is in the detail. #OutlawsForLife
  5. Some of the newer horses for the roles are pretty good, if you haven't had a chance to try them yet. Hope you find one that works for you eventually. I started the story mode with a standardbred and after bonding with her I was really happy. Not the fastest for sure but steady and great for riding across the map. I also really enjoyed the big Belgian draft for a good long while. Slow going but solid .. griefers who thought to run into us on the road were usually knocked flat out and only a shudder from my big ol' gal - LOL
  6. Absolutely. Try them all regardless. They are all so amazing and you will find the one you really love despite the stats. Some of the wild horses you come across are just incredible. The standardbred is another really nice all arounder and the new Criollo is the horse my character is currently riding and another of my favourites. Tough little horse for sure. Pic below is of a real spanish Criollo and looks very similar to the one I have in game.
  7. The one in the picture is the few spot appaloosa and did not exist in the game before now. Below is a buttermilk buckskin. Buckskin is a colour and can occur in many different breeds where as an Appaloosa is a breed in itself and few spot is just a variation of coat pattern within that breed. Probably way more information than anybody really wants LOL .. but spent a good part of my life around and raising horses. I think Rockstar has done an amazing job with all of the horses in the game.
  8. Tomorrow is the big day. I have both types of controllers now so will see which one works better for us. I am way more familiar with PS controller layout than XBOne so it might be a bit of a learning curve if the XBOne turns out to be better - It will all be new for us any way as we are newbies when it comes to PC gaming in general. ; ) Cannot wait to see the graphics and new missions / treasure maps etc. This game just keeps giving and for us it was the best gaming investment we have ever made.
  9. Thank you for this. I have just ordered one which arrives tomorrow so .. hopefully will be all set by release day. Cannot wait to play. ; )
  10. Awwww .. I want a donkey too !!! LOL .. I would seriously buy one just to have. Maybe if RS gives us all properties eventually, we will be able to have some in our own barns. I would have a donkey, a mule, some cows, chickens, ducks, geese, goats, cats, dogs etc. A real ranch. Some place to go kick back .. do some chores. I love my camp dog but I would love to be able to feed him and take him with me to go fishing. It would be fun to have the little donkey along for companionship.
  11. Eagerly awaiting PC release .. all the hype has made me really look forward to playing the story mode all over again (for the 12th time now) as well as starting from the beginning with a new online character. A lot of work but this game on both of my consoles has seriously kept me entertained for a year now. I have a question about the Rockstar Launcher, however .. I assume they will have some kind of store you can access for Gold purchases? I know I am not supposed to BUY gold bars, however, when it comes to my online character I really want to set up from the start with the right horses, the right guns, favourite clothes etc. plus buy the Outlaw Gold Pass and all of the new roles which as you know are 15 gold bars each. I have pre-purchased the game VIA the launcher so I will have 50 gold bars to start but you know how fast that money goes .. LOL .. especially buying all of the tools and camp stuff you need for the roles. They have to have a store, right? Else they would be missing out of all of that extra revenue from idgits like me with nothing better to do with my credit card. LOL LOL ....
  12. The Perlino Andalusion is pretty decent for an all arounder. Is steady in a fight, fast enough to outrun the wolves if you do not feel like slaughtering them all the time, and hasn't really dumped me in lethal situations. It will be great to have available for story mode. I do confess though, I am looking forward to the new horses regardless of their stats and plan to try them all out. ; )
  13. That would be great. It would be nice to have both options. I guess a lot of players really prefer mouse / keyboard but we just do not have much experience so would like to start with what we know and then experiment. Based on all the extra stuff they are saying the PC version has, I think we are going to bite the bullet and buy it again so we have all of the versions.
  14. Happy to see PC version available for pre-purchase on Rockstar Launcher which I have already downloaded. Before I buy it for my sister, does anyone know if this will have controller support or will it just be mouse and keyboard? I am having a difficult time imagining how to be in a gunfight on horseback with only a mouse - (LOL) - spoiled by console playing, I suppose. We do not have much experience with PC games so forgive us if this is an ignorant question.
  15. Thank you for your thoughts. I will keep my eye out then on news as RDR2 is one of my favourite games and I play it almost every day. Cannot imagine it will be any different in 2020. ; )
  16. So how exciting to see confirmation of 2020 PS5 and I know it is way too early to expect any real answers but I can't help wondering if we will be able to play RDR2 on PS5. All of you have way more experience than I do with these games so maybe this is already a given. Anyone have any idea or thoughts on this they want to share?
  17. It is almost 4:30 AM in the UK and I am wide awake. Seriously. Suddenly I am five years old and it is Christmas eve. I know if I just go back to sleep the update will get here quicker but I cannot. 11 to 12 hours to go. Sighhhhhh. I have spent days trying to decide what to do first. I think I am going to head into Valentine and check the stables for the new spaces and see if any new horses or tack have been added. Then head over to the store and see what clothing items are available. Are there going to be eyepatches, head bands, jewelry etc. available now? Next, a visit to the gunsmith to see what has changed or been added for the guns etc. I then want to check out the character creator and see how that works. I am pretty happy w/ how my character looks but I want to see all the changes they keep referencing. I have read that there will be some new options etc. I know, sounds boring but I want to just get some bearings at first. Then I might set up camp so I have a griefer free space to work from. I have decided that I want to go on a ride and see if I can find Madame Nazar first. Something about this Collector role just intrigues the heck out of me. Once I find her and see about starting that role then I might head back to camp and find out how to start the trader role w/ Cripps. I want a camp dog and I really want that storage locker so I can get rid of some of these guns I do not use. So much to do .. honestly, this is just beyond exciting. The only thing I really, really wish for that has not been mentioned already is the ability to run into the gang. I still want to go hunting w/ Charles, hang out w/ Arthur and Dutch and maybe fishing w/ Hosea. LOL .. I know .. too much to ask but one can dream.
  18. Sorry to say that both locations appear to be ones already in single player. I can tell you specifics but you need to DM me as I don't want to put any spoilers on here. Made that mistake before with good intentions and felt horrible about it afterward. Figure there are going to be loads of new players now that the new update is about to happen so do not want to assume everyone on here has played the story through. ; )
  19. Anyone know what time we can expect the download to be available UK time? Am super excited, as I am sure all of you are as well. I know because of how slow my internet is I will be tortured longer waiting for the download to actually happen LOL ... So looking forward to this one.
  20. Now this I will have to try. That does sound like good money for sure. I like the fishing but I get frustrated having to run to the butcher w/ only 1 big fish so I will try and stock up on smaller stuff first and then catch one muskie or pike before I head in.
  21. We have lots of wish list items .. a lot of the same as listed above .. Robbing banks, owning properties & stables, more horses - the ability to bring horses into the stable out of the weather (feel guilty leaving my horse tethered out in the elements - lol), would like to be able to get a room in the hotel, eat a meal in the saloon, take a bath to recharge cores. Find things like in the story mode so you can ride all over the map in search of stuff including more treasure and gold, rock carvings, dino bones, weapons etc. - Better camp sites and the ability to make camp where you are rather than such a distance away. Obviously more mission types and mission givers. How about Legendary animals and fish from the story? Adding trappers so you do not have to travel so far w/ things for the butcher. I would also like to be able to sell wagons and weapons that are looted from enemies to the fence. Mysteries to solve would be fun. I am really looking forward to this summer update .. hoping that it is soon because it is kind of dragging at the moment. I really love this game but I am a little weary of the grind. THE ULTIMATE - and I would pay more money for this DLC - to be able to ride w/ the Van der linde's .. Meet, camp with, ride out and do missions with Dutch, Hosea, Arthur, Charles, John etc. It always feels so close .. when you ride into an area that was a camp site for the gang in the story - it just feels like you should be able to run into them. Maybe it could be clues scattered about to track and find the gang .. make it big and epic .. Well, here's hoping the summer update is awesome and drops SOON !!! Hey Rockstar -- Maybe today???? I took the day off work just in case .. LOL ...
  22. So this keeps happening to my character and now my family's characters are all starting to see this happen too. You accept a mission, complete it and immediately afterward are launched right back into the same mission. Not only is this tiresome, but you either have to play through without getting any more reward and wasting ammunition in order to get out of it and progress or you have to back out of the game and start again. I have started to do this because I don't want to use any more ammunition and not get anything back. Ammo costs money and money as everyone knows is hard to earn. Now, in addition to repeating the missions the audio will cut out or the video will cut out and leave you only with audio which makes it impossible to finish the play through. My sister reported it to Rockstar so hopefully they will fix it.
  23. I keep seeing videos where the male characters are wearing a very cool black long coat (tails) with a red lining. Is this a coat we can still get for guys or girls as I cannot seem to find that one? Was it a limited edition? Shame if it was because it is a very nice looking coat.
  24. These are all such good questions and answers. I really love trying out the different breeds of horses as well. I wish we could own more. I love them all but for sure have my favourites. I really enjoy my Belgian draft mare. She is by far the most steadfast for free roam and what she lacks in speed she certainly makes up for in courage and sheer bulk. I have had griefers slam full on into her and they go down like the titanic where she just grunts and stumbles a bit. I love that. I also have really enjoyed the Hungarian Halfbred. This mare is great for traveling across the map and back again. Just a steady animal even in really obnoxious shoot out ambush scenarios. Doesn't always WHOA immediately so watch out for the trees and cliff edges. I also really like the American Standardbred - really nice horse for missions where you need to get there and back quick. Can out run the wolves, gives me plenty of snorts and whinny warnings for ambush gangs, cougars and bears. Not so great in the swamp though. I have been dumped amongst some alligators but that was my fault for not looking where we were going. I am trying to level up so I can get the silver tail buckskin with pretty blue eyes and stockings. I am currently riding a Thoroughbred and I just reached 4 bonding with her. She is turning out to be wonderful. The only thing I probably wont do is take her back up into the snow as she seems to struggle a bit. I also have to say that the Andalusion really surprised me. I decided to try one out when they started offering a free perlino and at first I wasn't so sure but after you get to max bond and ride them for awhile, they are quite nice actually. Very versatile. The Mustang and Nokota were tough little mounts in the story mode. I really like them in the desert. They can run pretty fast and dont seem to mind the rough terrain. Again, I wish we could own more. Maybe the summer update will offer a way to own more or break / train some wild ones. This might sound quite silly but sometimes I just like to have my character go for a nice long ride around the entire map and just take in all the scenary. Stop and fish, take some pictures etc. Helps clear the mind and soul after frantically trying to get XP to level up. It would be nicer if you could set up camp where you are as I have found some beautiful tranquil spots that I just wanted to spend more time in with my horse.
  25. I just had that happen today, actually. It was for a Stranger Mission. I played the mission with my main horse and completed it. It glitched and then said I was starting the mission again. I had to re-do the mission from scratch and this time the horse I had was the Scrawny Nag. Never had this happen before BUT when I play the Land of Opportunities missions' my horse turns from mare to stallion and stays that way even after the mission has ended. It always has a pelt stowed so that is how I know right off that it is not my main horse. I have to ride to the nearest stable and update my horse to get my mare back. Weird. ; )
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