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  1. The reason we're seeing larger treasures right now is that Rockstar is giving up a little percentage boost on $$ and gold, including treasures this week.
  2. Anyone here ever go out of map in RDO? Wondering what your experiences are. Before Rockstar put up a barrier, I went to Mexico and Guarma a couple of times. Yesterday, I did go out of map, but not to Guarma.
  3. BTW, I predict that one day we'll all be playing high stakes poker on that beautiful river boat that sits just out of reach off the coast of Saint Denis. Just as Arthur did. I'm sure they're waiting to release that to us, but one day it will happen. Perhaps something like a $100 buy in. Playing high stakes just like Arthur - damn that would be sweet.
  4. I've been waiting for Poker in RDO since day one. Very happy to see it added. I expect Blackjack will be added at some point, too. There are a few saloons with Blackjack tables - Rhodes is one. I noticed with the big spring update that the Blackjack tables looked nicer, so it feels like that may happen soon.
  5. Sometimes switching to a new lobby helps. Worked for me. Choose an area lobby like Lemoyne, New Austin or wherever rather than "Free Roam." It's a bug I'm sure they'll fix soon.
  6. You can only save 3 custom made outfits (outfits that you create yourself) to your horse cargo. In addition to those, you can also save 2 pre-made outfits (complete outfits that you buy from the catalogue) if you have the "upgraded saddle bags."
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