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  1. A LITTLE STORY. Was playing rdr online on sunday when my daughter plonks herself down on the sofa next to me and starts watching, she starts asking question after question about the game. she is only 13 and only plays the likes of minecraft and kingdom hearts type games so i was quite surprised by her interest, we quickly installed the game on her console and got her a character sorted out to play online. we formed a posse and i showed her how to hunt and we did the story missions she was really enjoying it until we were hunting bison and this posse of four players started grieving us the berks no matter were we spawned they came after us to the point she got sick and went offline, then started asking me why people were doing that? It's hard to explain to a little girl that some people are just tosser's !
  2. i mention this very quietly but usually with rockstar when the game gets really buggy it means they are implementing new content maybe for a certain update that is on the horizon, heres hoping!
  3. howdy, 1. rb xbox or r1 ps4 to reverse 2. free roam is do what u want land of opportunities is story missions. 3. posse invites mean u ride around with randomers doing different stuff depending on the type of players they are. 4. horse breaking and stuff isnt in game yet. 5. while hunter for treasure press the two joysticks in to see if u can see a gold plume going into the air for location if not your controller will rattle the closer you get to it. 6. press charges means there wanted level goes up parley means u get a 3-5 minute window to disappear (i think as never done it) hope this helps
  4. i was on most of yesterday afternoon/early evening and i noticed empty lobbies think most people have given up on it till the update.
  5. cheers mate i will try that
  6. i ve just recently bought a new horse a nice arabian and set it as my default horse but since doing this everytime i whistle it comes up in the top left corner that i have recently dismissed my horse and would have to wait, it happened all night last night so i was running round like a daft sod all night anybody know how i rectify this?
  7. ive been doing every gang hideout solo and have not had a treasure map in ages i thought it might be a glitch or something but looks like its across the board.
  8. hello new to the forum, seems like a good forum for rdr2. love all aspects of the game especially online after the new update looking forward to learning off the pros. 😁
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