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  1. thank you everyone for all information :D
  2. Hello everyone iv been on and off broadcasting with mixer due to busy with family life but im wanting to stream properly most evenings when the wife wants to do her own thing so i thought why not stream i love video games so i thought i will give this a go, i have a xbox one s and a pc just so know what i have, i use mixer on Xbox s how ever i do have microsoft HD Webcam what does work on xbox but the mic only works on skype, it doesnt work in xbox party or stream/webcam settings so i used webcam to put my live video into stream and my headset to it talk, so the advice im wanting is there specific gear i need e.g better webcam, what bot is prefered etc... i currently have botisimo and scotty bot, also im not subbed membership for mixer pro yet all advice is greatly apperciated thanks for reading this from sniperlithius
  3. im over 18 i am mature how ever i am laid back and love a good laugh while playing but dont worry i dont troll people and online i dont usally attack players first i only attack back once iv been killed. ps dont worry not gunna kill no one here
  4. mine kinda of wierd lol i like snipers and at the time i was looking at around and saw on battery it said lithium so i thought lithius so put the 2 together lol
  5. iv seen an article saying from the 12th october u can pre downloading if u bought the game digital
  6. yeah what bropollocreed79 said: they stated on the Red Dead Redemption ps4 pro bundle that its going to be 4k compatible and 105GB file size and holds 32 players and ps4 players will also recieve excluslive online dlc 30 days before xbox one
  7. guna read that now thank u bropollocreed79
  8. hey im pre ordering this friday (28th sept) im going for the ultimate edition for (£89.99) and this is what i get i think its ok for the price war house outlaw survival kit cash bonus for RDR2 story mode and $2mill GTAO cash and stats RDR2 ultimate exclusive story mode content also gets Bank robbery mission & gang hideout dappled black thoroughbred talisman & medallion cameplay bonuses gameplay boosts, cash bonuses & discounts the Nuevo paraiso gunslinger outfit and for online it says Bonus outfits rank bonuses black chestnut thoroughbred free access to the survivor camp theme plus get free access to the additional weapsons in both story mode and online this is from xbox live store and just thought id let u know thats what i am buying on this friday coming
  9. hey mine is sniperlithius if u wanna add me on xbox live please send a quick message saying your from RDR2 forum please
  10. i also wanna run with everyone here aswell my Gamertag is sniperlithius
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