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  1. My horse’s name is Cormac — after Cormac McCarthy, author of the best western novel ever (Blood Meridian). Grullo Dun Mustang.
  2. My guess is you'll be fat, bloated, no buckle showing, bullet sponge in no time at all. Ten pieces at a time, I think you'll be morbidly obese after a day or two and need a crane to get you onto your horse
  3. I've had animals or big pelts stored on the back of my horse disappear, but I'm never quite sure if it's a bug or because someone stole it off the back. People can't steal pelts that lie flat, but they can steal animals or big pelts (bear, alligator, elk, etc.). On the other hand, I've also seen the animal or big pelt disappear off the back of my horse, but when I look in my satchel for what I have stored on the back of my horse it shows up there and I can sell it, even though I can't see it. Maybe check that. I get the animals downgraded too. In the single player game, maybe in the h
  4. big game meat made me overweight almost overnight it seemed.
  5. Never heard of that or seen it. Good advice. Especially if you are in defensive mode, basically telling someone I'm no threat to you so don't threaten me....or else. Oftentimes it's hard to tell if someone is stalking you or just nearby looking for some yarrow. So do you just aim and press up on the d pad to fire a bullet straight into the air? One thing that would help me a lot is if the names that are listed (online options/players i think) were ordered by proximity to you instead of what seems like randomly. Sometimes I see somebody seems suspicious so I want to take a quick look
  6. Here is my guide for making money quickly without cheating. I'm not saying this is the "best" way, this is just how I do it. There may be better ways. You should try different suggestions to see how much you can make and more importantly how much fun you have doing it. Do what you enjoy doing, it shouldn't be a grind. Also, you'll need some basic equipment to so definitely do story and stranger missions and whatever else to gain levels and unlock the basic items. Some things you can get for free if you're on PS4 If you have gold, you can unlock other things even if you haven't reac
  7. Also something to know is the weight system is different online, when I started, I’d eat the same amount of meat I did in single player and immediately I was overweight. I couldn’t believe I was overweight. in single player I’d eat more and was always underweight. The only way I found to maintain perfect weight online is to eat only canned foods, and even then I let myself go hungry a lot of the time (like when hunting and there’s little chance of being killed). Also find as much ginseng and yarrow you can and craft potent health tonics to protect your cores without eating. Another thi
  8. Use whatever term you like, but I’m talking about things like when I have to go piss downstairs I’ll go into defensive mode far away from any action and hide myself in a cluster of trees. When I come back one guy suddenly lassoes me for a drag, the other guy opens fire on me while being dragged, and the third guy shoots my horse. Or the people who stand outside a general store waiting for some to come by and hitch their horse so they can shoot them in the back of the head, etc., etc., etc. If that’s what you enjoy doing to other players and having done to you, indeed the highlight of yo
  9. It is annoying when a griefer (singular) kills you with a cheap shot, but you can respawn and can either go after them or go somewhere else, it’s a whole different story when it’s a persistent posse of 4+ griefers and when you respawn you really have no chance at all. I think when this happens, the griefers should show up as red dots for everybody, not just you. Then everybody will know they are a hostile posse and go after them, or a least if you’re just a bystander you’ll know the situation and can either get ready to defend yourself or just leave the area if you don’t want to deal wi
  10. How do you report things like this? I got tired of the griefing so I decided to do some stranger missions on my own, figuring it was a way to have some fun outside of free roam. But apparently people have figured out where you spawn back to after a mission and just wait there to kill you. For example, I did wagon recovery from the Valentine post office and it said mission passed and dropped me back outside the front door of the post office. Literally one second after I got dropped back into free roam, while I was watching the screen inform me how much cash/experience/etc I got,
  11. It must be a thing because i had same experience last night. I was clearing out a hideout and had just about finished up when out of the corner of my eye I see a player ride up and a message pops up saying so and so killed the leader and he’s out there looting all the bodies. I figured some people see smoke, ride over and watch you do the dirty work, the jump in to gather the spoils.
  12. Hi, I’ve been wondering about something and this seems like a good place to ask. I’m not trying to criticize you or say one way of playing is better than another, so please don’t take it that way. My question is this: when you are stabbing cops, are you just getting overall experience points to level up or do you also get individual experience points for strength, stamina, and deadeye? I ask because I often fish, for example, and I don’t think it levels me up in terms of overall number, but it does increase my strength level. So my overall level is somewhere in the low 20s, but my stre
  13. I actually thought about that the other day in regard to griefing. I have a mic but don’t use it, I mute everyone, and I don’t even know how to send or receive messages. All I hear are in game sounds. That makes me an extremely boring person to grief. It’s like trying to kick a rock to get a reaction out of it - pointless. I either respawn, hunker down, and kill them if they get in range, or I press charges and move on if I have no time for them. They might get an initial cheap shot, but if they want to keep it going they’ll have to spend an hour eating my bullets. No fun at al
  14. This is the first online game I’ve played and was pretty worried after reading all the horror stories (which were almost all about 6 mos old btw). But I’ve been playing for a weak and have been pleasantly surprised by the lack of grief. I don’t even bother with the defensive mode anymore. My impression is that by the time most serious players get to level 20 or so, they’ve been griefed enough times that they have no real interest in doing it to others. I like to hunt and often someone will ride up on me while I’m putting a pelt on my horse and I expect the worst, only to get a thumbs
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