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  1. That is my son watching Cambridge United FC.
  2. People using my driveway to reverse their car!
  3. Not too sure, i hadn't noticed Tommy after a quiet time. Hope you didn't intrude on Lenny?😂
  4. I got targeted today. Was just about to grab a collectible on the battlefield when it happened, it made me jump! I wondered if it had anything to do with me blowing up the policeman at the Lemoyne Raider camp nearby? I pegged it! the red skull on map looked be coming from Black Belle's mission area. If it was her who gave the order, how dare she...... after everything i have done for her. Still it was a nice round trip to Emerald Ranch, Van Horn then St Denis and back to Bolger Glade to collect the jewelry.
  5. Brilliant - thanks for this i can see 20/30 in tonics..... i use ps4 so not too sure about the button presses for that.However, i am using sawn off shotguns and i know i cant do tricks with them apart from making heads and limbs disappear. i will give my cattleman a try out and see. thank you.
  6. Hey there, I have just got the tonics satchel upgrade in Bounty hunting. But when i go and read it; it does not appear as learned (no tick), likewise with the reverse revolver spin? Any ideas on how to get around this?
  7. I purchased the fast travel for my camp last night. I still have some vouchers for fast travel. Does it cost money to fast travel from camp?
  8. Wilderness Outfitters = online game pause. Find this useful if wanting to walk away from the game for more than 15 mins without dropping out of the lobby. Troubling fact is Cripps stands there staring and smoking! Only thing is sometimes the servers do drop, but that i suppose cannot be helped.
  9. At a ripening age of 47yrs old this is my first real online game . Loved the story (got it for Christmas). Am really enjoying the online side (tried CoD WW2 - but did not like it at all). Just wish i could find some like minded people to join the posse. I am not brilliant at this game, i still dont know what my favourite settings are. But really love the content online and revel in the prospect of running into someone in game, not knowing if they are going to shoot you or wave at you. Yes there are players out there who like to shoot at you for whatever reason. But with a bit of prac
  10. Managed to trash a few as Arthur, then as the story went along could not find anymore, went looking in all the usual hotspots to no avail. Now playing as John and the mission is still in the log. However these animals should be extinct by the epilogue. Anyone managed to complete this side mission at all? Any info to complete it would be useful. thanks
  11. i joined up in posse at the weekend and none had their mics on, we just went around like sheep digging up treasure and finding tarot cards. I didnt mind that for 30mins but then left as i know there is so much more this game offers. Thanks for the kind words. look forward to maybe encountering some of you in RD online.
  12. Hi all my name is Chris, thought i would join this community to find out more and get to know other RDR2 addicts and hopefully experience life in a posse. I have been playing RDR2 Story mode since Christmas 2018. Completed the game 6 times (my family thinks i am nuts), the sixth time i actually completed it 100%. In the last two weeks i have started playing Online (i promised myself i would once i finally 100% the main game). First impressions are more than what i was expecting. The online space is rich and is already taking my enjoyment of the game to the next level. Yes, i hav
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