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  1. In GTA V, I am lvl 393 with over 190 million R* dollars earned, in RDR2 I am lvl 168 with about 30k of R* dollars earned. Not going to sugar coated it, I play games online daily but I don't smoke cigarettes or snort coke or other nasty stuff so I figure its a benign addiction. The games that I continue to play are ones that change constantly and challenge me, GTA V and RDR2 are my main ones. Those games have strong elements of randomness, you never know what will happen when you go online. Some days there are a ton of asshat griefers making everyone's lives miserable, some days everything
  2. Ignorant behavior by random people will always be part of human existence whether it is online or real life. Unfortunately for you, this was the first time it happened to you in an online game. The best thing to do, in my experience, switch servers and leave the jerks behind and make sure you report them but most of all develop a tough skin, don't take that crap seriously. You are a better person than those yahoos, you can rise above it, they feed on your pain. And, most of all, don't be afraid to ask for help. Damn, I am starting to sound like Opra. ;)
  3. Rewards for high lvl players? They don't need anything really, its like buying a birthday gift for a billionaire, they have everything and if they don't, they just buy it. The only thing that make sense to me is some kind of trophy/clothing item. In GTA V, R* rewarded my high lvl character with several million in game $, none of my friends got that perk so it is possible that will happen further down the road with RDR2 online.
  4. All the post here are correct, you have to own a moonshiner shack, reached lvl 5 as a bootlegger, buy a bar, hire a band, unlock the various dance moves for your character, tell them to play then go on the dance floor and pick your move from the emote menu OR if you see me online (PS4), message me and I will invite you to my bar and give you a dance lesson.
  5. Must have missed something, when did the Evans get a 26 round clip? Any gun that you choose early in the game will get better the longer you use it. My Rolling Bock rifle that I picked up at lvl 11 is a beast, it is maxed out for damage, accuracy whereas my Caracano is about 15% less in both categories. I use the Lancaster with long range and split ammo and get fairly good/consistent results. Though I must say, the sound of a particular gun is a big attraction and that is why I rarely use the bolt action rifle, reminds me of a BB gun I had as a kid.
  6. A couple of questions: 1. Do any of your members work for R*? 2. Has your club ever lobbied R* for improvements to their games? 3. This one is a tad philosophical, why do you organize yourselves in structured group? Can you not have the same amount of fun by playing solo or is it just a need for in game currency that drives you? 4. Finally, what does the lock pick kit that you can buy from the Fence actually do?
  7. Recently Sony has de-linked Facebook on the PS4 so you no longer can share photos to your account. The problem that I have is that I used a Facebook account that I have for my gaming clan to sign in to this forum and now it has been locked by Facebook. S0, my original tag, "Redstaski", is no longer able to login until I clear things up with Facebook. I still get notices from my previous postings here to my e-mail account, that hasn't changed. The long an short of it is, this is a new account but it is the same old me. Not into PvP, into co-op, relaxed, laid back game play. Currently
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