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  1. I agree with the others it’s your decision making that’s making things worse really The controls can be overwhelming at first but you get used to it and as for meleeing someone instead of reloading ? Then that’s your fault for standing too close to the NPC
  2. Are you 12 or something you just spoiled the game AGAIN ffs please someone a mod delete or hide his contents
  3. I wonder how many of those are still downloading the game lol?
  4. Anyone know where I can find Currants ? So I can craft Horse meals? It says in the strategy guide it is in the stream of West Elizabeth and North west of new Hanover but can’t find them anywhere? Thanks!
  5. No it details what parts of animals and birds you get when you kill em but not fish for some reason
  6. I've bought the strategy guide and tried to look everywhere i can on the internet but i cant work out how you acquire Gritty fish meat which is required to craft Potent Predator Bait Any help would be much appreciated!
  7. This is the issue though, the Carbine repeater is given to you in Chapter 1 Possibly the bug is caused as the game isn't recognising i own the weapon?
  8. Hey everyone, So i was live streaming my gameplay of red dead the other night and this bug occurred whilst streaming Here is the sequence of events: @2:21:22 - I go through my weapons and you can see my Carbine repeater is there @2:26.30 - I save the game after the mission "Paying a Social Call" knowing at this point my Repeater is on my horse @ 2:32.00 - After killing a couple of people and causing some mischief and then taking a bath i save the game again, notice i am NOT on my horse carrying any weapons other than my sidearm. I reload my game after getting a bounty. @2:34.50 I reload the game and when i respawn I'm not on my horse and don't go back on my horse til after I've been to Gunsmith. @2:58.30 You can see i am carrying no other guns other than my sidearm @2:59:00 I redeem my 3 guns at the Gunsmith @3:10:30 After purchasing guns you'll notice it says 1 of 4. At this point i don't scroll through the guns @3:17:00 I scroll through my guns and my Carbine Repeater is NOWHERE to be seen I hope i went into as much detail as possible and i hope this issue gets resolved ASAP. In order to get my Repeater back, I've had to Purchase 1 from the Gunsmith. Video here:
  9. There is no need to rush ANYTHING in the game, after Chapter 1 you can do anything at your own pace. The ONLY thing you are timed on is certain missions that require you to do them in a certain time to get Gold but by no means is this necessary or forced on you.
  10. Find somewhere to camp and sleep it off and return to that area that should work
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