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  1. The "change appearance" glitch is definitely not working at all. I tried the "Cecil Turner - Legendary Bounty" approach. Could get into a solo lobby for close to 20-30 minutes but could not get anything to spawn. I did get one of the new Panthers to spawn in a lobby with about 20 players. Took forever.
  2. This really does work.Tabulated everything I did for the past three days including looking for a bear for hours right after I had spawned one. What a waste. In the past six hours six hours , I've gotten 4 LA's to spawn. More than in the past two weeks combined.
  3. Saw this on another forum. 2 guys did a lot of statistical work to come up with this. Several others have verified that it looks good. 1.... A spawn is when the question mark is changed to a paw. No matter what happens after that in the encounter......2......Once a spawn has taken place, you will be on a cool down period of 1 game hour (48 real min.) whereby "NO" LA's will appear.......3.......You will also be on a cool down period of 72 (yes 3 days) real hours whereby no LA's of the species you spawned (eg. gators) will appear. The LA's gotten from Harriet count in this. Just passing this on. Have no idea personally how good this is. But thinking back, could explain a lot.
  4. I'm on a PC and have spent about 700 hours on the game. I'll take your suggestion to heart and try again. One question, when you change servers where are you? Have you left the animals area or just stayed there? Got to admit that my patience needs work. Do love this game though.
  5. Found my way back.............Changing servers did not work for me and I spent hours attempting it.........Did come across another suggestion.........get in a solo session.............and clear out all random events...........will let you know how that goes.
  6. Have had a problem with finding the free roam legendary animals from the start. Have noticed that the ? mark will pop up when I "first" enter an area if is going to. Traveling around or waiting doesn't get it. Leaving and returning to the area worked once in about 20 tries. Read a suggestion elsewhere that if the ? mark isn't there at first, leave the session by using the "Online" button in the main menu and then hitting "Free Roam". This will change servers and bring you right back to the same area. Instead of waiting, you get a new chance almost instantly. Have I tried it yet...........No............but am seconds away from doing so. If I can find this forum again will report back.
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