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  1. qhre have they acknowledged this? im keen to be reading the patch notes because this is silly.. spoiler about a chapter here, wont ruin it for people that don't wanna work it out
  2. Okay so I’ve gone to the stables and there’s absolutely no option for me to get my thoroughbred back. Ffs
  3. It’s around the back of your lodgings when you move? It is for me anyway
  4. its around the back of the tent, there is a map there. go there.
  5. im pretty sure I went there and there was only 2 horses available for sale? Pretty strange.
  6. had the same problem, I crouched and backed up towards it.. and it worked that way, which was weird yes I also murdered chick there will probably be a choice to have another playthrough once competed it
  7. Not sure if in the appropriate place however I need some advice. I pre-ordered the ultimate edition on the PS4 and got access to my bonus horse - the thoroughbread. unfortunately 9-10 bounty hunters caught me with my pants down, murdered my horse and then murdered me.. Now my question is can I get my thoroughbred back? I assume i'll have to do the bonding again which is fine i'll just do it but you do get a certain attachment to the horse so I want the thoroughbred back.. at the minute I feel like im riding a three-legged drunk donkey and that needs to change. How do I get it back if so? Thanks in advance.
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