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  1. No reason to pick up enemy weapons. They're practically all "worn" weapons, so they're not gonna be as good as yours. But even if you do swap weapons, whether it's from an enemy or a new weapon you find somewhere, the weapon you currently have equipped will still be available via your horse. Picking up new weapons "unlocks" them, and will forever be available via your horse.
  2. Yea it happens from time to time. Like someone else said, it's mainly when there's an obstruction of some kind. I'm not surprised, it would happen sometimes in the first RDR also
  3. Grow up kid, says the person who can't spell millennial. You do realize that millenials are now aged 22-37, right? The kids/teenagers of today are not millenials. Anyway, it is amazing how many people are just immediately jumping to "derp must be another bug derp!" as if this is the first open world game to ever have some bugs (which I personally have not experienced but I'm sure some have, but legs stop going overboard about it)
  4. Yellow means it's fortified, and that you can use it as much as you want without it draining as long as its yellow. And tonics don't restore your Cores, eating provisions do (that's why eating the beets improved your health Core). Tonics restore the circle around the core that drains when it's being used. The actual meters for Health, Stamina and Dead Eye are the circles around each icon. The icons are your Cores, and how much those are filled determines how fast your meters (the circles) regenerate It was confusing for me at first also
  5. An open world game with bugs? Hmm you don't say... Personally, I've experienced hardly any bugs (knock on wood!). Outside of a few gameplay tweaks, this has actually surpassed my expectations as a big fan of the first one.
  6. All you gotta do is calm them down and then pat them. Lol not that difficult dude. After the first time it happened you didn't think that maybe you were doing something wrong lol? Do a little trial and error I actually thought it was pretty funny the first time it happened to me, and was a realistic and cool little mechanic that plays off of the whole bonding with your horse thing and reinforces the importance of it. Anyway, it made me laugh picturing some guy rage quitting after being drop kicked by a horse for the 5th time.
  7. How do your honor levels compare? Are they pretty similar or different? Maybe you have a higher chance of being reported for a crime if you have low honor? No idea, just throwing it out there.
  8. I don't know, seems kinda random sometimes. Earlier today I got in two self defense situations with other people nearby and nothing happened. The first one some douchebag picked a fight with me in the streets of Valentine. I was trying to beat him without actually killing him but accidently went too far, as soon as I saw him fall down and the x popped up on the minimap I was like damnit! But then no crime was reported and nothing happened even with all the Valentine people in the streets. I didn't loot the body, and just walked away. The second time was when going through a covered bridge and being robbed at the other end, shot all three dead and within seconds, before I even had a chance to loot the bodies, some guy rode past and nothing. No crime or witness. I've gotten in the habit of putting on the bandana immediately after stuff like that happens out in the wilderness, that way if someone rides by while you're still looting all the bodies, you won't be immediately identified and you don't have to go chasing after any witness, all you gotta do is be gone by the time the law shows up to investigate
  9. I wouldn't worry too much about missing random encounters from time to time. You'll come across them all the time, and they'll be the same kind of events. But each particular encounter won't stay there indefinitely, you'll just have to wait till you randomly come across it again
  10. I think it should be extended also. But it wouldn't make any sense to only apply that to the day. Like the poster above me, I think the night cycle goes by too quick also. Night time is fun! Best time to rob people. And going up to random campfires will always lead you to something interesting
  11. I've always felt sorry for people who feed through games. I'll probably be enjoying this game for at least a month before finishing. I just don't understand spending $60 on a game and rushing through it. Do you do that with everything that's enjoyable in life? Sex, food, etc? Sure you can do multiple playthroughs and whatnot, but nothing compares to that first go around and experiencing it for the first time. Eh, whatever. To each his own.
  12. I'm still fairly early into the game, but outside of actual missions, these are a few encounters that have been memorable: (possible minor spoilers?) The Nite Folk first encounter was interesting. I mean I knew it was gonna be some kind of ambush but the mystery of it and what lays in store for future encounters is what intrigues me most. Finding a house full of the remains of a suicide cult was pretty cool. Trying to rob the back room of the doctor in Valentine ended up with me killing half the town just trying to escape lol. That sh*t went south in a hurry
  13. Sounds like you went into 1st person. There are 4 camera options you can use while playing. One is 1st person view, the other three are 3rd person with varying camera distances. If you're playing on ps4, push the TouchPad to cycle through them. Not sure about Xbox
  14. I've only encountered them a couple times so far, haven't done much with them. That's disappointing to hear tho, especially considering that you can toss bodies in a pig pen and they will feed on it. So the mechanic is there, don't know why they wouldn't apply it to gators also
  15. Of course. You always have the option to be a save scum lord. Just kidding, I save a lot myself. To the OP, that would actually be pretty useful, but knowing Rockstar, they'd have random gangs constantly robbing the bank you use and you'd still end up losing your money. And then when you have a quest to track them down, they fire on you and when you return fire and kill them you get a bounty put on you for murder.
  16. In my experience, you'll actually want to press R2 twice after filling up the meter. Lightly hold R2 to fill up the meter, then press and release R2 to draw your weapon and bring up dead eye, and then aim and press R2 again to fire. I practiced how to duel on the mission The Noblest of Men and a Woman. You'll get into a couple duels and if you die, just restart the checkpoint and it should restart right when the duel starts
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