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  1. Are you talking about the Gang location thats more west of Wallace station...its got many enemies there and has a tower? The one north is north of Valentine. There is one when Arthur suffers at their hand, but its a temp holdout for that excursion alone...
  2. Also...how far in Chapter 2 is he? Story wise... Remember, its story driven. Advamce the story to uncover, then explore as far and wide as willing before advancing story again.
  3. He may be alreadt in a mission or has an interaction with an NPC required. Advance the story and see. If not, its a glitch i never heard of...
  4. Did it once. It reminded me of "Blazing Saddles". Except...i dont think the horse went down...but Mr Morgan did! Purely a button press mistake on my part.
  5. For Chick... i hogtied the fool, now sit next to me; Got to the location, went to the big tree... Got the goods, right there i set him free; He moved damn quick, left a trail of pee...
  6. I, too, bought it yesterday. For the cost...its sort of fugly and overly done up. I will probably disable it, but its a shame cause how much we paid for it to sit in a crate. I -hope- its effect is static whether its visible on you or not.
  7. I agree...but you can also thank Bethesda. How many of their AAA titles flat out require a mod from the user community to make it 100% playable to spec. But, other than that, i concur with every sentiment you shared.
  8. So many factors to consider, but i have not seen this issue.
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