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USAM GOV Role-playing crew-PS4


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owdy Gunslingers! USAM GOV was one of the most powerful crews in GTA Online and is looking to move over to RDR 2, so now it's looking to fill its ranks with YOU the GTA and future Red Dead Online Community! We are, first and foremost, a role-playing crew that emulates the United States Government during 1899 (That doesn't mean you need to be American to join).



  • Hold elections to decide who the president and vice-president are

  • There are several different parts of our government: President, VP, Marshals, State Department, Secret Service, and Department of War and military. Each of these have their own chain of command

  • We even have our very own constitution

  • This community was formed with the intention of giving roleplayers a space to meet like-minded individuals and maintain an amount of professionalism in RP while still having a fun time.

  • When we do session RP's we do it big, Secret Service taking sniper positions and protecting the President and VP, while marshalls clear the path forward, and state regulators deal with minor outlaws.

  • Crew Battles do happen, and we always win.


Joining this community opens many doors to enhance your gaming experience. Communication is done through discord which is a free download for PC and Mobile.

After joining you will be embraced by everyone and you'll make friends day one.


A few requirements:

-Be 14 years or older

-Be getting or own RDR 2

-Be ready to communicate, if you can't make an event or meeting it's fine, just let someone know

-Also, we play in Free aim like most other crews/communities


If you're interested in joining: (IF FOR SOME REASON YOU'RE HAVING TROUBLE JOINING, THEN MESSAGE money4taylor on PSN and he'll get you sorted out.) Hope to see you all soon


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