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  1. Was going to mention this. It really doesn't result in being an inconvenience unless you are online and they offer storage there so no big deal.
  2. Should have at least had a patch of dug up dirt or something to indicate the man was buried. Just seems odd to completely skip over this.
  3. Yeah it is 5 so 8 arrows is plenty. Just make sure you make use of them and don't miss more than 3 times lol I had to redo it twice because I messed up and kept missing too many.
  4. The misses stopped at Starbucks so I was enjoying one of them cold coffee drinks they have. Rather nice. I needed the coffee boost. I have to do a bit of work at the computer and I am very burned out today. Can't wait for Spring to get here and it to warm out outside.
  5. Most people I know take their coffee with creamer and their tea with milk and sugar. I for one am the opposite, in a sense. I would rather have sickeningly sweet coffee and plain tea. I hate black coffee and coffee without sugar.
  6. I did kill a squirrel like a few weeks ago. The nutty little rat hangs out in my driveway every morning. Sometimes he sits in the tree and throws stuff at my dog or yells at me. I guess he went under my truck to get warm when I got back. I left it running cause I forgot something. Came back out and started backing up... and well... No more tree rat throwing stuff at my dog or yelling at me in the morning!
  7. It can be but I never bothered with it. I don't play enough right now to actually earn the gold back like mentioned. I might do it when some of the issues in the game are fixed but I am not investing in a game I am still waiting to be sorted out.
  8. Just keep on them about adding it. There is always a chance they will in the future. It just sucks cause you never know when you thoughts, ideas, or issues are getting through to the right people.
  9. I wish they would give you the option right in the menu to adjust it. Sometimes it is fine but other times it is so dense, it just makes it a huge annoyance.
  10. I know I can store them but can I actually get ride of them or is that legit not an option? It can be annoying sometimes because I only use a handful of things these days but I have so many unused weapons.
  11. That has to be the perfect phrase to summarize what this setting change does. LOL I remember at one point where online gaming made me more social. I think things change with GTA V.
  12. LOL just gotta hope we go out fast. Can't imagine being chewed to death by my neighbors who hate my dog. They's likely take their time!
  13. Yup. Just follow what that article says to do. It is fairly straight forward. I am not sure why they didn't just have the option in the menu but at least there is an option. Hope your son enjoys the game!
  14. This should be moved to the RDO section @Kean_1 As for your post Kid, this is a fan forum. The place is not run by nor affiliated with them. You can see for yourself in the footer. We are just players like you and several of us have had our fair share of issues with the game. I have no way of giving any advice for what is happening. Some people opt to stop playing for good, others take breaks, some just deal with the issues.
  15. You can be anywhere in that area, not just at the dock. I have found them there as well. Just start at the bottom and work up the coast line bit. You should find a place where they spawn frequently. And yeah, using certain bait will increase your odds.
  16. I keep seeing the Umbrella Corp meme floating around and I was thinking the same thing as Parzival. What if this turns into a real like zombie issue? WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!!!!
  17. I'm going to make a bet with a group of friends and family. I have to pick which team will win and by what margin. I'll win something for picking the right team but I will win a lot more for picking the right about. What are you guys thinking? I don't follow either team so I don't know who to pick.
  18. Hell, I'll sign it. Maybe they will take us seriously and actually listen to their feedback again like they did in the early stages. Seems they have went rogue on us and that ain't right.
  19. I am not sure how that could have happened but it was likely caused by the other players. You account might just be put in an extended cool-down period where you remain in high hostility much longer as a punishment even though this wasn't your fault.
  20. I'm not sure what happened there. Did he say anything about it? Maybe because you sold him a stolen wagon, he got jumped. lol
  21. I played just last week and didn't have any issues with joining other players. Thought there have been times when I would try to join something that required more players and it never launches cause no one else joins.
  22. Nope. I remember when I first found out i was kind of pissed about it. You'd think they would allow it for PC players at the very least because of the heavy use of mods and the accessibility to them on computers.
  23. I know it has been brought up several times and I know I am not the only one but I want housing options... Farms, cabins, upstairs pub rentals... Something. I mean they could liven up the game adding something like this in it.
  24. The most moronic thing I saw my dog do is glitch out. He was in between a tree and a tent, somehow. I don't know how that happened but I think my camp spawned in funny. Anyways the dog would keep walking forward and never go anywhere. It wasn't just for me either, my friend who I was playing with nearly pissed himself laughing.
  25. While I have not noticed as many issues as other people have, I have grown bored with the game. Not in the sense that I can't ever enjoy it again but just the lack of depth. The story mode was fantastic. I played through it twice on console and again on PC. Online has just been so hit and miss for me. A few of my friends quit playing since the moonshiner update (because of all the bugs and issues) as well. These bonuses really don't do much to liven anything up either. Still love the game. I'll still play online. I am just not going to be playing often. I'll move on to a few other games I been waiting to play.
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