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War horse changed HELP!!

Alt Carbon

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Okay guys i have a weird glitch and it's super annoying.

I pre-ordered the game and i got the war horse, love the horse think it looks great and im super attached to it.

I was doing a mission for dutch, i rode to the mission on my horse and did a little investigating at the scene. When it was time for me to get back on my horse, the horse had changed into a Chestnut Tennessee Walker (which isn't even the horse i got at the start)

I thought my horse had died somehow and this was it's replacement, except it's the same horse, it's got the same name and bonding level 4. Except it's health is lower and it's a slower horse, i tried re-starting the game which didn't work, and i dont have any save files cause ive been relying on auto-save. Someone please tell me there's a way to get my horse back, thanks.


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My war horse changed to a TN Walker the first time she died. The name on mine was gone, but had the same mane and tail. I tried to sell her and see if I could repurchase , but she was gone for good. Lucky for me I always manually save every hour or so along with the auto saves. I have been F-up too many times in games with only keeping one save point. R* provided many save slots, save and save often.

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