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  1. Most of the time when they send someone to find me I tell them to f off
  2. Had the same thing happen. Was happy to see all my pelts transferred to my horse from the stable mission.
  3. Ya, had that earlier today. Had to close application.
  4. Got the start, no spoilers. Not what i expected. Had to bail, no option to save. Not happy if I have to start over.
  5. Poison only affects the meat, not the pelt. The meat must be tossed.
  6. I kept the miners hat with the lamp. It helps when I'm going into caves or dark places and want my hands free.
  7. I'm still in chapter 2 and have all the arrows. Think I bought one from the fence in St. Dennis. Been crafting as I go. It took awhile to get enough to make extra of the poison. Great for hunting pelts ! Just remember to toss the meat.
  8. Just go craft some of the tonics you need
  9. My apologies for my rant. I'm upset about the topic, and should keep my personal opinion - just that. Personal.
  10. Two things First, in my humble opinion, it isn't "off topic", as this relates directly to how I had intended to play the game. Not having the items at the beginning, has caused me discomfort and stress. Secondly, as the OP, it would have been nice to be notified of the move into an area of lesser traffic. Other post dealing with this issue have stayed prior to my post. I find it rather curious that the mention of litigation to obtain what I and others rightly paid for, suddenly, being moved to a back alley.
  11. Here we are, weeks past the release. They've sold 17 million copies ? Just how many of us paid our money for promised goods, and didn't get it ? A million ? More ? At $20 each, that's a lot of profit for R*, without doing anything for it. So, time for the lawyers ?
  12. Like you, still in chapter 2. Been on a major free roam, mostly walking. Not killing a bunch of people yet. Though I did manage to stumble across 2 gangs. Now those - I killed ๐Ÿ˜€ been swapping out horses, leveling them up. Even the Tenn. Walker, named - Plz sell me ๐Ÿ˜‚
  13. To build the poison arrows you need one special herb , orleander (sp) and an improved arrow. Limit is 8, for now. That's why I stocked up on the herb. The meat becomes poisonous, so discard it.
  14. Ya, I hear you. My $100, and not being able to get what I paid for ? It's like paying for steak and getting a hamburger instead. Nice ! Really R*, either refund me the difference or deliver what I paid for. In the real world, it's called fraud !
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