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  1. I've enjoyed it so far. Been playing since Thursday and I've seen so many complaints about RDO that I expected it to turn in to a terrible experience. Yes some of the pricing doesn't make sense and some players just shoot at you for no reason but it doesn't spoil the game itself. I've only encountered a handful of idiots on this game, I've played solo and teamed up with a few randoms as well. Some of the series modes aren't to my liking but I just avoid them when I can, I want to get the MVP trophy so I'll play which modes I enjoy. I do find that some players manage to get instant head shots as soon as they see me for a split second and that doesn't quite sit right with me, plus I can't dive when others do. I can't figure that one out ๐Ÿคจ The games great in my eyes, especially seeing as it's in the testing phase. I've had two disconnections in 4 days. The amount of complaints I've read make it seem like the games broken but it's far from that.
  2. Good shout, might explain why it's taken 2 days for a response. PS4 by the way. Definately will. Seem to be finding loads that are just US/Canada time zones. Thought there would be loads of places on the internet for players to find UK/Europe posses but there isn't. Cheers for the link.
  3. Hi, just like the title says. If anyone knows of a good one that's set up through the R* website let me know. Cheers.
  4. I quite like it so far. I've not played more than 3 hours worth yet but from what I've played it's fun and works quite well. My only issue is I'm really bad at it when playing the series mode. I don't seem to be able to hit enemies but they get headshots most times on me. Lucky if I get more than 4 kills.
  5. I've read the same thing somewhere else. I'm currently chapter 3 with level 9 beard. Soon as I achieve max beard I'm shaving the whole thing off.
  6. You get more percentage as you study, kill and skin them. Not sure what the point of it is. I've never checked to see if more info appears as the percentage goes up.
  7. Found mine in a tree. Just around north east of map. Around Annesburg I think.
  8. That's a shame. Would have hoped PS Now was a decent service by now. Only tried it briefly a while ago and wasn't impressed. I'd personally rather buy a ps3 instead of using PS Now if its still unreliable.
  9. I think you can get a 7 day free trial if you've never used PS Now before. Usually costs about ยฃ12 per month. Because it'll be a streamed game I'm not sure what the quality of it will be like, hopefully it's decent because RDR was a great game.
  10. Only way you can play it on ps4 is through the PS Now subscription.
  11. Not sure if I've got the fire one yet, definately haven't got the dynamite one. Got the others though and still in chapter 2. I had to Google the poison one to get it, it was in a lockbox next to a rundown shack. Maybe the dynamite one is mission related?
  12. Which trinket? I've got a talisman I think from the pre-order bonus. I've upgraded camp fully and got legend of east satchel but haven't made anything out of legendary animals yet. I need to get a bull for the legendary bear outfit but don't want to piss the farmers off by killing their bulls ๐Ÿ˜”
  13. I must be very lucky, never tried for a headshot but always get a perfect snake skin.
  14. Exactly what Kormath wrote. Took me ages to get to grips with the hunting. Headshots always needed, but you don't need to worry about headshots on small game with small game arrows. Just go for the body. I think the same applies to birds, just a body shot should do. Only one shot though, more than that will lower the quality.
  15. Same here, only been killing people that deserve it. I'll go for bad karma on my second playthrough though. Managed to find all the killer map pieces so looking forward to that being wrapped up. Might progress to chapter 3 once I've done that if I can't be bothered hunting anymore, I doubt it though ๐Ÿ˜‚
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