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Aggro AI is broken


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I've come across many many instances in the game where AI aggression and crime reporting mechanics are just absolutely broken!

The first example of this would be when someone on horseback rides into you. And immediately you are the one having done wrong and the law starts chasing you down. This is absolutely ridiculous.

The second and probably most striking example is duelling. As rare as this event is in RDR2, if you win a duel, it is immediately seen as a crime! WHAT? 

A third scenario is when you come across a train being robbed. So you shoot the bandits. Instead of getting a little gratitude, you are accused of disturbing the peace! Disturbing the peace by stopping a train robbery? SERIOUSLY?

Come on, Rockstar! You worked on this game for how long? And broken gameplay elements this glaring is still present? This needs to be fixed!

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