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  1. What is RE2? You want RDR2 to have problems? The PS4 Pro does NOT have the same resolution as XBOX ONE X. The X is capable of true native 4K. PS4 Pro can NOT deliver that. RDR2 on Ps4 Pro is blurry because of the checkerboard rendering. The TOPIC OF THIS ENTIRE DISCUSSION!
  2. Yeah, seriously, to hell with these challenges. I was doing well until I got the the Herbalist level whatever, where it tells you to go pick one of each f*cking plant in the game. AGAIN! It is absolutely ridiculous and quite frankly not worth my time.
  3. "I'm new here". Right up there with "the dog ate my homework".
  4. So....in a nutshell, wait 2 years for PS5 and hope they re-release the game for that platform? Are you high?
  5. RDO? You do know there is a sub for Red Dead Online, right? So why post about it on the Red Dead 2 sub?
  6. Yeah. I don't know how much clearer it can be made. If all your [my] games on PS4 Pro look fantastic (God Of War, Uncharted 4, Spider-Man, Hellblade, Shadow Of The Colossus, etc etc....the list goes on) then how come only RDR2 looks like crap?! Muddy textures, blurry visuals, broken HDR (although this is a problem on all platforms) - the problem is clearly NOT with anyone's TVs although certain TV settings may alleviate the problem somewhat. The problem is ultimately with Rockstar and their crappy implementation of checkerboard rendering on the PS4 using a 1080p source signal instead of 1440p or higher. It is an insult to PS4 Pro console owners. And R* is completely ignoring the issue. Says alot about them.
  7. Are you for real man??? If it was a problem with your TV, every single game you play on it would have had the same problem. EVERY SINGLE GAME! But this is not the case, is it? No. It is literally ONLY RDR2 having this problem. So where is the cause of the problem? THE GAME!
  8. People are claiming this is fake. But they fail to explain how someone can create something to look this authentic. I have studied this closely and I believe it is real.
  9. I don't remember that to be the case, but I may be wrong. Until they announce that cheats can be saved, assume that it can't. It is too soon after release for that anyway. And maybe (hopefully) they also plan on releasing singleplayer DLC in which case cheat saving will happen afterwards.
  10. And why exactly would they enable saving with cheats? Disabling saving and achievements was not a slip of the finger. It was done DELIBERATELY. It is not going to change.
  11. The entire point of the open-endedness of the game is so you can finish all the unfinished stuff, minus the side quests that were chapter-specific of course.
  12. Not sure I understand exactly what you are trying to say, but RDR Online is garbage. RDR2 story mode is amazing. Yes, I remember RDR1 to have a better story and more content. BUT....memory is very deceptive. You will not convince me after fully completing RDR2 and then playing RDR1 again, that RDR1 is a better game. It is not. RDR2 is definitely the better game between the two.
  13. You are probably not the stellar marksman you thought you were. If you are tracking a 3-star deer, you will need to get a perfect headshot in order to preserve the pelt. If you are shooting it from too far away and not using the correct high velocity ammo for long distance shots, the bullet trajectory will result in an inaccurate hit. You can't skin decaying animals, so the poor pelt you are harvesting is a direct result of your poor shooting, not because the animal is decayed. There is nothing more to it.
  14. Rushing through a game and skipping half the content is really nothing to brag about. Your friend is completely missing the point of RDR2 if he things completing it in 48 hours is an achievement. I am on my second playthrough and I am doing EVERYTHING, taking my time with it. And only now do I understand what took Rockstar 8 years to craft. Possibly the best game I have ever played.
  15. LOL this must be why the game made $750M in 3 days. Because it "sucks". No. You're just looking for something specific and RDR2 is not delivering that to you. Also known as being childish and irrational.
  16. Of course there is a difference between having HDR turned on or off in RDR2. But the big problem is that HDR turned ON looks like garbage. It is NOT what HDR is supposed to look like. Not even close! Run God Of War, and toggle HDR on and off. Then you will understand what HDR should look like.
  17. So basically you are saying HDR is some kind of mystical thing which can't be measured but has to be perceived??? REALLY? Don't trust a color profile prepped by a computer? You do realize that the games you are playing (even RDR2) is COMPUTER- generated and that every pixel is a computer generated unit accounted for and can therefore be measured with absolute mathematical precision? HDR constitutes mathematical calculation and rendering of color. By definition, HDR is an expansion of color range, which can be measured with absolute mathematical accuracy and precision. Digital Foundry measured this and found that it is not in fact, accurate HDR. Because in order for a range of color to be HDR, it needs to have a certain mathematically accurate color range. It is absolutely measurable. It is not a matter of perception, but of absolute mathematical accuracy. Everyone sees things differently, but 2+2 ALWAYS equals 4 no matter how you try to "see" something else. You are unfortunately completely ignorant of the fact and on top of that completely delusional. Not a good combination.
  18. You are either blind of delusional. Because HDR is broken. It literally and technically DOES NOT WORK. Digital Foundry proved this by measuring the color range.
  19. I think you're right. It is all about Online now and the people attracted to that are so dim, you could feed them a turd and they would love it. I'm definitely not wasting any more of my time on this.
  20. Depends on the size of the animal.
  21. LMAO, how can you quantify that as "30-40%"? What is your math on that? Also, NO, Online is definitely NOT an indication that the problem has been solved. Because this occurs in the SINGLE PLAYER section of the game. I have compared Online to SP on my own setup and all I can say about Online is that it is a nerfed version of the main game. Can't quite put my finger on it but it looks like lighting is simplified which may give the impression of a clearer image. People are absolutely delusional about how the patch somehow fixed the blur issue. This is a classic placebo effect in action.
  22. Firstly, you can only ever get a perfect pelt if the animal has a 3-star pelt BEFORE you kill it. Secondly, aside from making sure you get a headshot, you also need to consider the calibre of rifle you use. If you use a rifle that does too much damage, you will damage the pelt even with a straight head shot. However, for any type of deer you can use up to a Rolling Block rifle and still get a perfect pelt. Smaller animals, you may need to use a Varmint rifle or a bow. You also need to consider the type of ammo you use. You can't be shooting everything with split-point bullets and expect to get perfect pelts.
  23. Let me help you with that. A show is the thing you just sit and watch without any interaction. A game is the thing you do with a controller in your hand. Hope this clears it up for you.
  24. No, but they could say "Improved appearance of textures on PS4 Pro", couldn't they. This is the whole point of patch notes, so your response is rather silly and childish.
  25. Really? Would you be so kind as to point this fix out in the Patch Notes then?
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