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  1. I have an Instagram page for my character if anyone is interested in following. Lmk if any of you have a page & I'd be glad to follow.
  2. If you play on XB1, our crew is always welcoming new members. You can get yourself in one of these photos while grinding missions & stacking up cash & XP 🤠
  3. "We ain't negotiatin' here."
  4. No, you can't run it through your console to my knowledge. I just use my phone or tablet while playing. Works for me fine. I just turn the brightness down to save battery & set the screen-lock timer to max
  5. Yeah, we use it for group chat & in game communication. It's also used to organize sessions & show who's currently active & where. Works really well actually.
  6. Also here representing FPGL Crew 💪
  7. Stumbled upon this video of a live performance of some of the best RDR2 songs. Figured I'd share in case some of you haven't seen it yet 🤠
  8. True well at least that something I guess 🤷‍♂️
  9. Just bought the upgraded saddle bags last night. Haven't checked to see if I have more space.. are you telling me I just wanted $80 on a cosmetic item? ☹
  10. If you want to gift him the gold specifically & not just a marketplace gift card, try Gamestop. They may have the RDO gold on a card you can buy or worst case, they may be able to sell it to you through their computer which prints out the code on a reciept.
  11. Welcome! Those are some pretty badass photos 👌
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