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  1. I have an Instagram page for my character if anyone is interested in following. Lmk if any of you have a page & I'd be glad to follow.
  2. If you play on XB1, our crew is always welcoming new members. You can get yourself in one of these photos while grinding missions & stacking up cash & XP 🤠
  3. "We ain't negotiatin' here."
  4. No, you can't run it through your console to my knowledge. I just use my phone or tablet while playing. Works for me fine. I just turn the brightness down to save battery & set the screen-lock timer to max
  5. Yeah, we use it for group chat & in game communication. It's also used to organize sessions & show who's currently active & where. Works really well actually.
  6. Also here representing FPGL Crew 💪
  7. Stumbled upon this video of a live performance of some of the best RDR2 songs. Figured I'd share in case some of you haven't seen it yet 🤠
  8. True well at least that something I guess 🤷‍♂️
  9. Just bought the upgraded saddle bags last night. Haven't checked to see if I have more space.. are you telling me I just wanted $80 on a cosmetic item? ☹
  10. If you want to gift him the gold specifically & not just a marketplace gift card, try Gamestop. They may have the RDO gold on a card you can buy or worst case, they may be able to sell it to you through their computer which prints out the code on a reciept.
  11. Welcome! Those are some pretty badass photos 👌
  12. See, now I'm stuck debating between Lancaster & the Litchfield... hmm 🤔
  13. I've yet to use the slugs. I kinda like the spread pattern making up for my potential mis-aim lol. Is it pretty much a one-shot kill within a decent range?
  14. & is saved to your horse as well? I know I've saved outfits before that didnt get saved to my horse & had me all confused lol
  15. So just to verify & be sure, you do have your outfits saved in your wardrobe, right?
  16. I'm literally 1 level away from unlocking new ammo, so I'll definitely have to test it out
  17. Likewise. & sidenote for anyone reading this who is on the fence about joining: go ahead & fill out the application & download the Discord app. Its minimal effort & definitely worth it to play with a group of competent & like-minded people 🤠
  18. Gotcha. Well I created a new topic separate from this varmint rifle discussion, more along the lines of what people do prefer to use. Interested to see everyone's opinion.
  19. I, like many of you I'm sure, use the bolt action rifle as my go-to weapon for defending myself from hostile players. (That is when out of range of my trusty pump-action) Well I am looking to upgrade from the carbine repeater to another one (mostly for PvE purposes) but was wondering if any of you use a repeater for self defense or if there is another weapon I haven't mentioned that you may prefer? What are yall's preferences?
  20. Fair enough, maybe so. If it's a big deal, I'm sure a moderator can move the thread to the right place.
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