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  1. I recommend getting the Legendary Buck antler trinket, It helped my small game harvesting a lot, now when I kill a rabbit and it's two star, I first pick it up turn around then skin it. And Poof it goes into the satchel as a three star pelt. I used to hit skin first and was distraught that the trinket was of no value. The once I decided to pick up the skunk, rabbit or snake and then skin it . BAM !!!! Three star harvest. Really helpful with snakes, I had lost all hope of ever having a Rattle snake saddle. Varmint Rifle , and the Legendary Buck Trinket might be the way to go?
  2. Today I jumped into the story to collect a Rock Carving. all of a sudden I heard a Grizzly Bear, Arthur says get back and my mini map shows an outside perimeter warning. No red dot. It's up on the table top at the end of the box canyon. I stand on a rock and chuck an express round out the Rolling Block. I see the Paw print on the map, but No Way to reach it. Whinyard Strait
  3. Go to the Heartlands near the Oil Derrick where one of the Dinosaur bones can be found. Remember Stay on your horse and trot around with your varmint rifle out.
  4. Me and my Blood Bay Thoroughbred "Volcano "
  5. Easiest way to circumvent the filter is naming in another language. I had a Horse named Pinche Puta for a while.
  6. So The O'Driscoll gang is trying to extort money from a father and his two sons while they are building their new home stead, I kill the gang members and loot the bodies, The father sets off berating his sons and they regret moving from the city. I come back later (Chapter 2) (Zero Bounty) and they are almost completed with the house. He asks for help. $100.00 or a load of wood. I proceed to Appleseed Timber Co. There was a guy there that always antagonizes me in Valentine. Chubby Bald fellow with some red hair and a green neckerchief. I draw my weapon LB and he bolts off No Karma issues. I ge
  7. Thank you for the Add HooverRAD, I'll send you a friend invite later today.
  8. Hello, I'm a 53 year old USMC veteran, I enjoy Bow hunting IRL, In RDR2 my favorite aspect of the game is hunting and fishing, at least until R* requires a license. My xbox Live Gamertag is ArchAngelSix5 and My Cowpoke name is FredBear in RDR2. I play MST between 7:00pm and 11:00PM
  9. Thank you PC , Online for xbox I go by FredBear. Maybe I'll see the Regulators online?
  10. Hello out there, I'm from the southwest United States enjoying the travels of Arthur Morgan, I got to Chapter III and decided I may have missed some content so I manual saved and started over. I play with an Xbox elite controller and some Razer Kraken Xbox One Headphones. Still getting surprised by all sort of people and critters. I only have a couple of PVP session under my belt. I figure I need to connect my mike and socialize more. The Game reminds me of places close to home.
  11. That kinda looks like a Stargate, some kind of fast travel device?
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