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  1. Since the last update, anyone else notice it's become really glitchy in free roam? Has for me.
  2. Yeah, happens to me fairly often.
  3. Of course we realise it's a beta. A very long, drawn out beta. That's no excuse for this dribble out of nothingness. And of course we send feedback. And as for not doing we'll inPvP ... Lol. How on Earth did you arrive at that conclusion? Are you just stirrin, lol ?
  4. Sigh ... RDO is going through a long dry spell at the moment ... Boring.
  5. This update feels ... Samey? Bag grabbing has been done, what, 3 times now? What I really want at this point is the ability to choose PvP mode and gambling. New clothes are dull.
  6. Another PvP mode. And some clothes. Booooooring.
  7. Today has been an odd day. For the first time since the big update I was encountering trolls regularly - lots of lassoing while crafting, dynamite while at butchers, random attacks after leaving shops ... Across multiple sessions??? Weird. I thought this sort of nonsense had been resolved? Also, every time after I got killed I tried to feud and they'd always ignore, then run and hide in a shop???
  8. Yeah, everyone can craft fire bottles, I think, without pamphlet. It never registers as read.
  9. I came out of a free roam event today, and it suddenly said I'd achieved my maximum weight ... What? I was underweight a second ago???
  10. 120ish. Normal play, since day one. Play most days. Don't care about level any more.
  11. If you get the prospector jig emote you can hear your character laugh
  12. Some pamphlets don't seem to work ... Fire bottles and volatile dynamite ...
  13. Still offline. Weird.
  14. Less money, less speed with varmint, no auto 3 star pelt, less spawns ... I'd say hunting got hit pretty hard.
  15. Just got told I had been gifted items. Anyone know what that's about?
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