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Bogus HDR when using Xbox One


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I watched a vid last night from HDRTesting and it basically said that users of Xbox One's that play RDR2 don't get to view true HDR when set to display that way.  It ends up being some kind of software conversion in-game and doesn't take advantage of your display's HDR capability, for example, like it does for AC: Odyssey.  I had originally had my HDR set to 100 from the in-game settings.  But I heard that the higher the number the better the graphics, visual experience will be (truer blacks and whites).  Setting the game to HDR 500 (max) washes out the whites and degrades the blacks.  Per HDRTesting you're much better off turning HDR off on the Xbox as the view in non-HDR is superior in the case of RDR2. 

This isn't something I'm going to do and I'm hoping Rockstar comes out with a fix.  I haven't seen this on the forums and I'm sure most people wouldn't notice a difference. 

I've played Destiny and AC: Odyssey on my Xbox One and its evident the difference HDR makes and I had wondered why RDR2 didn't pop when I first started playing it.  Now I know.

Come on Rockstar, get this mess fixed.

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3 minutes ago, Poggy said:

Is this the kind of thing that can be fixed???

Per the guy on the vid, yes.  It would require a fix from Rockstart being sent out as a patch as it is an issue with the software within the game.  When he showed the graphics playing RDR2 with HDR turned off on the Xbox it was dramatic.  Just imagine how eye popping it'll be once/if they sort this out.

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