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  1. It is insanely frustrating to have Rockstar say absolutely nothing on the topic. From the looks of this forum we aren't the only ones this is happening to. I knew it wasn't my end but wanted to be doubly sure when I call their support line and be told it's probably my network and to check it first, I'd be ready. I play a lot of other games on rotation and I don't have any issue whatsoever, with the exception of the Anthem VIP demo, now that was a mess. I've already moved on until Rockstar decides to comment and/or release new content for online. I had finished the campaign a month or so ago. I had pre-ordered Anthem and The Division 2 so that'll keep me busy while Rockstar remains mute on the topic. Shame.
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    I caught on to that last week when this dude was screaming for us to NOT pickup the guy we had to deliver but instead wait 30 minutes to do it. The problem with that is at any time you could be disconnected from the server. I played 3 missions that night and got kicked from 2 of them. Just to make sure I contacted Comcast's router/modem folks and they remoted in to my system and confirmed the ports I need to have open are open and they reserved the 3 Xbox's in our house. Not sure what's happening with their servers but it isn't good.
  3. You're not the only one this happens to. I'm pretty sure it's not our end either. I have a hard-wired connection to my modem/router and have an open NAT with no errors. Yet I still get disconnected at least once per play session. I've contacted Comcast gaming section on multiple occasions, for other games, and I have my Xbox One X reserved so there's no competing with the other devices in my house. Not sure what the issue is but it needs to be addressed.
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    You describe my experience perfectly. I played for 6-8 again on Wed-Thu last week and tried to level myself up more and bank more cash. Leveling takes way longer than it should in my estimation. When I log into a mission there's a 1 in 3 chance it'll bounce me to the dashboard. Hunting and fishing don't pay enough, again, for me. I'm too low a level to buy anything anyway. I haven't figured out a sure fire way to level up faster, but to do that means boredom. I'm definitely in the "wait for something substantial to drop" before I give online much more of my time.
  5. Thanks for the feedback Kean. lt's not so much that I don't enjoy that part of the game. I found it interesting that assassination missions like that were incorporated into Online. I couldn't complete the one I had as by the time I left the house and checked the map the target was so far off I wouldn't have been able to catch him/her. Those I don't mind at all, especially if the intended target is notified somehow that they're being hunted. What I have a problem with is what pretty much everyone else is talking about, the indiscriminate killing of another human that's minding their own business, hunting, fishing, whatever. I played for a few hours the night before last and I can't tell you the number of times I was shot/killed by a random. 90 percent of those killings occurred without me seeing them first. Some will say I should have been more aware. But hell, I've had instances where I've been on the trail of an animal I'd shot and a random will sneak up behind me and shoot me in the back, then laugh about it while I'm laying there. I don't see the fun in that for them honestly, especially when there are PvP related game modes built into online outside of free roam. I'll log in occasionally to see what changes have come, but I'm waiting until the final release of online comes out to put serious hours into it. Sad too because I heard that will be months out.
  6. Thanks guys/gals for the update on when the beta title will be removed. Re gold, I got a notice last night saying I got 5 gold bars for playing during whatever period that was. Does it go into my gold queue automatically or do I have to pick it up somewhere? Also, just to clarify, does the "gold" show up on the screen in the upper right corner next to the "dollars" amount? Right now it says I have 14 gold, gold what, bars, coins, etc.? One last question, when I was playing last night I came across a small cabin with an NPC in it. He gave me an assassination mission where I had to kill a human. I checked the map and he was all the across the map. I tried to get there but could not. Why is Rockstar promoting griefing with all this mess about griefing going on???
  7. Does anybody have any idea when it'll come out of beta????
  8. I've given Online several chances over the months and after finishing the campaign. It's just too boring to me right now. But the one thing that it reminds me of is the Dark Zone in The Division. I'd get a rush going in there to get the loot I wanted and that I knew was better than outside the Dark Zone, but was always looking over my shoulder to see who was around me. Getting my hunting and fishing goods off to be sold is the same as waiting for the chopper to come and carry out my loot from the Division. Online would be better with more things to do, more missions, etc.
  9. I played some more online last night and am wondering why there isn't an option for the missions in free-roam to be done solo. I launched one and the only option was 2-4 players via matchmaking. After getting halfway through 2 tries at completing the mission the server kicked me out. I checked my connection and all was good. Sigh.
  10. I feel the same way about playing RDO. I need to give it more time once RS starts adding more to do in it. The story you attached was fascinating and I never knew that angle of the demise of Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid. Thanks for sharing.
  11. I was hoping that would be the case. Lets keep our fingers crossed. Thanks for the info.
  12. Well, I played an hour or so of RDR Online last night and it was rather uneventful. Previously I had only played for 15-20 minutes after I finished the campaign. I played in the free roam map and it was very underwhelming. There were a lot of other people there but I only actually saw/interacted with a couple, and they were both fishing. It just seemed very empty. I realize there were jobs I could have done, but I just rode around just to see what else was going on...nothing. Is there going to be an end goal for free roam or will it be this way when the beta period is over?
  13. Well I think Rockstar should have anticipated this and the areas where there wasn't supposed to be human vs human fighting should have been set so no damage could be done. I forgot to mention my first few minutes in online awhile back were like this. I was riding through St. Denis greeting people along the way when I came upon a group of humans. They were surrounding another couple of humans who had hog-tied another and had placed him on the train tracks. As I was riding by this, taking it all in, another human came by, pulled me off my horse, hog-tied me and tried to put me on the tracks. Yet another human shoots and kills the guy holding me, unties me, and then rides off. Being my first taste of online I just figured this was how it was going to go. Based on what you said online is supposed to be I understand now why there's so much negativity toward the griefers. It'll be interesting to see how they "fix it".
  14. You are a million times correct. I posted in another griefer post wondering to myself what RDR2 Online is supposed to be. I guess I never heard exactly what to expect from online, but it would be nice to know exactly what its supposed to be. Is it a free roam area where you complete missions solo or in a posse? It would seem shooting other players you see is a bad thing. So, is there not PvP in Online at all? I was in online for a few mins after I beat the campaign but haven't been in since. Now I'm wondering if I should just wait.
  15. Wow, that doesn't sound good. I only played a few minutes of online once I beat the campaign. Is this a thing now for most everyone, being griefed? I guess I still don't understand the point of online in the first place. Is it supposed to be a PvP playground, or, are you supposed to complete missions while solo or in a posse? I guess it could be both but if you kill somebody at random are you considered a griefer? I really want to understand what online is supposed to be before I dive back into it.
  16. So, I finished the game's main story and the epilogue chapters. Thanks for all of the replies fellers. I'm taking a short break from RDR2 while I catch up on Just Cause. I'm a bit worried about RDR2 Online though based on watching a bunch of youtube vids on the monetization that's going on, but that's another topic.
  17. Hmmm, not sure what else to say. HDR turned on on my Xbox One X and my LG TV and playing RDR2 or AC:Odyssey looks amazing, not at all like "garbage". Are there screen pics or vids showing both HDR and no HDR that you can share because maybe I don't have my Xbox and/or TV setup properly and when I think I'm outputting 4K/HDR I'm actually not.
  18. It's just as big a difference for me as it was when I played AC:Odyssey in 4K HDR. I think no matter what I say to Dubya he'll find some reason to say its wrong. What I'm seeing doesn't lie though.
  19. Man, you sure like the name calling don't you. I know what my eyes can see. I realize this is a forum and we're free to express opinion. Again, I could care less about the stats. My eyes are the true measure of what looks good or not.
  20. Well, I'm neither blind nor delusional. My eyes can see a huge difference in HDR before and after I turned it on. Everything was improved, colors, shading, the difference was staggering. Digital Foundry doesn't have my eye perspective and I could give a crap about a color chart prepped by a PC. Everyone sees things differently. I compared with no HDR and with and for me it was a major upgrade.
  21. It makes a HUGE difference once I turned on HDR for all my 4K LG inputs. I'm surprised the LG TV didn't do that on its own sensing the input but I guess they're not as smart as I thought they were.
  22. I don't get it with the people who can't tell there's a difference, unless its like you said above. My initial issue was I didn't realize I had to "turn on" HDR on my 4K LG I recently bought. All my ports had to be turned on, cable, Xbox, etc. or I wasn't getting an HDR input. The difference is staggering to my eyes, both for RDR2 and AC: Odyssey.
  23. What're you talking about, just PS4 Pro??? I had bought a Xbox One X because my Xbox One decided to crap out. I had to upgrade my TV due to the one I had slowly becoming hard to see due to black splotches affecting it. Initially I didn't have HDR setup right so I played RDR2 without it. It looked great, by man, by the time I did figure out how to setup both the TV and Xbox with HRD, it was simply amazing. You have to see it to believe it. I don't know how you can say people can't see 4K, but I can certainly see the difference 4K and HDR provide.
  24. I just finished the first 2 episodes as well. I like it a lot. We need more of this on TV, that's for sure.
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