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  1. Give R* a year and they'll have it all fixed up making players happy. Just gotta give them some...more time. I cant wait to be a lone wolf bounty hunter if they can ever update that into the game!
  2. Who wants to be wild west Robin Hoods! Steal and kill from the evil and rich! Give to the trolled and poor! Platform: PS4 Gamertag: DarkEco_Wolf Usually on every night between 8 to 12 central time zone USA!
  3. Dont you hate when people shoot you in the back and steal your things!
  4. Playing with friend is the the main thing keeping me interested in RDO as well. Just trying to have fun doing random things! I'm waiting real patiently for more RDO story...
  5. I just felt like writing a short story about this crazy event that happened to me and hoped others would share theirs. Have a good story to write? Please share
  6. That's exactly why I like to be a lone wolf. You either get a bunch of stormtroopers ready to get blasted or you get a few Landos with a han solo!
  7. I made the same mistake leaving my posse option open as well and your right about people joining really fast. At the time three people joined me in just a few seconds, so I started a online story mission Kill Them, Each and Every One and guess what! They were all head strong fool blazing right into the action getting blow to pieces! After two retries they finally got the gist.
  8. Well sometimes being lonely isn't so bad when you running and gunning for your life! RDO has the only battle royal type like. But they need to get rid of the radars! On every game mode!
  9. Well hopefully they hurry up and do the update to show the good, bad and the ugly by changing the players blips on the map for other players to know who is who. Their is so much for them to work on. No matter how much pressure they get, they will continue the same pace. R* Is good enough that they know we can wait.
  10. Once me and my friend KevinBacon77 were playing together on Free-Roam and we were split up about 20 feet apart. We were both on foot and we decided to get on our horses and ride to the closest Gang Shootout. Simultaneously we got on our horses and sped right into 4x4s posted into the ground laid out to build a fence. would both cracked hard laughing cause we couldn't believe how it was so perfect! We both and our horses face planted the post at the exact same time! Good times on RDO!
  11. I was dying waiting for RDR2 and when it finally came out I was really happy that the story was all done but the online wasn't. I hate that all these gaming companies are putting out the unfinished product just to make people happy.
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