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  1. You really can't go wrong with an all lady gang in the wild west, seriously, that's a good thing!!!!
  2. Whoa, thanks for the tip. Just watched the trailer and I'll be watching this in the next day or so.
  3. I've had discussions with people that do that as well. It's certainly not something to brag about as they're missing so much of the overall game experience. Sometimes I'll just sit in an area hunting a specific animal. I'll have my baits and plenty of arrows and just move around a small area for hours on end taking in the sights and sounds and generally having an awesome time. I'm thinking its mostly the younger generation that's doing this mainly as a means to get to a MP element. Since there isn't one here yet it really makes no sense to just do the main campaign missions and nothing else. I plan to run through the story multiple times, I'm being nice for my first game but I'm being a killing machine for my 2nd!!!!!
  4. I must be missing something, but what are you all talking about when you mention gold medals?
  5. Sorry, I couldn't help myself. I really hope you get the issue worked out as it looks a lot of people are having the same thing happen. It's one of the reasons why I only buy the game initially. If the game ends up being good I'll fork over for the DLC's, but the special edition packages never really make me feel like I got my $$'s worth.
  6. Good on you for figuring it out. I didn't fully figure it out until right at the start of chapter 3 and I did the same thing with checking vids and tutorials. I'm convinced something's different about it from the original RDR.
  7. Per the guy on the vid, yes. It would require a fix from Rockstart being sent out as a patch as it is an issue with the software within the game. When he showed the graphics playing RDR2 with HDR turned off on the Xbox it was dramatic. Just imagine how eye popping it'll be once/if they sort this out.
  8. I just got to chapter 3 so not there yet. I know one thing for sure though, for my 2nd play-through I'm going full rogue assassin, everybody dies.
  9. I was going to do the same thing, although its hard to not go rouge right now, so hard.
  10. I watched a vid last night from HDRTesting and it basically said that users of Xbox One's that play RDR2 don't get to view true HDR when set to display that way. It ends up being some kind of software conversion in-game and doesn't take advantage of your display's HDR capability, for example, like it does for AC: Odyssey. I had originally had my HDR set to 100 from the in-game settings. But I heard that the higher the number the better the graphics, visual experience will be (truer blacks and whites). Setting the game to HDR 500 (max) washes out the whites and degrades the blacks. Per HDRTesting you're much better off turning HDR off on the Xbox as the view in non-HDR is superior in the case of RDR2. This isn't something I'm going to do and I'm hoping Rockstar comes out with a fix. I haven't seen this on the forums and I'm sure most people wouldn't notice a difference. I've played Destiny and AC: Odyssey on my Xbox One and its evident the difference HDR makes and I had wondered why RDR2 didn't pop when I first started playing it. Now I know. Come on Rockstar, get this mess fixed.
  11. Thanks for the heads up. I just finished downloading it as well. I need to have my password reset as everything I use won't work...
  12. Yep, idiots do this on all the big game review sites. It sucks and is one of the reasons I don't use them anymore for gaming reviews, I'll just watch streams to make up my own mind. I'm glad you brought this to the forefront though as people need to know what's going on.
  13. It's really not possible to calculate this anymore with each player doing things differently, but the longer the better I say. I know I can't wait for it to drop. I wish they'd change the universal start time from midnight to 9PM or something. By the time I launch the game on Friday at midnight I'll be so tired I won't be able to get much time in. Saturday is a different story though, hahaha!!!
  14. Next Friday at midnight gunna be a fuuuuuuuun time!!!
  15. Yep, 90GB or more next Friday will be painful, but at least its on a weekday so there won't be 4 PC's, 5 Xbox's, 4 Ipad's and 6 phones all online at the same down dragging down my line. Edit: Actually I just checked and I see it's already downloaded, all 88.1GB for the main game and 10MB for the pre-order bonus. Weird as the day I pre-ordered it online via the Xbox store it took maybe 15 secs to download something. It must have downloaded on its own behind the scenes later.
  16. I struggle with this question every time a new game comes out. This one is special too because of the love I had for the original. But, my philosophy is, give it an hour or so at launch, get some sleep, then hit it relatively fresh the next day. I'm retired but I do have to get up at 6 to put the daughter on the bus every morning. I'll probably end up going longer and then regret it the next day when I can't keep my eyes open!!
  17. What's going on with GTA as far as toxicity goes? I haven't played it in awhile and only messed in the only part of it for a very short time, moving on to other games. I'd imagin there's a lot of it going on in-game.
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