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Keeping gold medals


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9 minutes ago, gamerfan1010 said:

How do I keep a gold medal once I get one? I got one and when I went back to replay another mission it went back to the medal I originally got on that mission which was silver. Any help or advice on making sure I keep credit for doing them would be much appreciated 

Did you try saving the game when you had the gold metal before you started playing another mission?

Try that. 

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7 minutes ago, gamerfan1010 said:

That won’t mess up me going thru the main storyline will it? And by that rationale, for every gold medal I get, I’ll hsve to create a save? Or would I be able to overwrite the current save so I don’t have a lot of saves taking up space? 

You will be able to keep overwriting the save without a problem. 

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