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  1. So, I was able to get a PS5, and I started playing Red Dead Online. I've connected I think once to a lobby and then never was able to connect again. Every time I click on a series through the menus, join a free roam mode, pretty much anything, I can't seem to connect with other players. When I look at the lobby, it says I have a full lobby, but there's no players in the map. I'm wondering if this could possibly be a server issue trying to connect PS4 and PS5 players together, or unless it's something that's occurring on R*'s end. System, game, and everything is completely up to date as f
  2. Astro's Playroom would be a great game for you to see the possibilities with the dual sense controller, and it's also free. Call of Duty Cold War is one of the game I love playing at the moment because it supports 120fps and it looks absolutely amazing on my new monitor.
  3. Just hopped on RDR2 today SOOOOOOOO much better on the PS5. That frame rate I've always been complaining about when going into towns is completely gone thanks to the power of the PS5 hahahaha I'm a happy man! Also, super awesome we can play PS4 games, I love this thing. I'm also happy it supports 120fps in some games. Got to play Call of Duty in 120fps smooth as milk! Can't wait for more bigger titles to come out on this console and really use all of it's power! Going to be pretty impressive if you ask me.
  4. Haha - that definitely looks like him!
  5. Glad to hear! Also just acquired my PS5 as well just a few days ago! Didn't really have any luck securing a console during the first few months of release, so I just stayed patient and eventually got lucky to hit on a Target restock and picked it up on that same day. If you would like, you can add me on PSN as I don't think we are friends. I'm finally back as I didn't have a PS4 so I've been inactive on RDR2, on this forum, and just in general. PSN: NotSoFriendlyKid
  6. Didn't pre-order, but definitely can't wait to see how the release turns out for everyone. Might get one later down the road, can't wait to see videos on it coming soon.
  7. I actually wonder if they are going to have PS4 to PS5 character transfers in GTA 5 since they originally took away the PS3 to PS4 character transfer which was unfortunate.
  8. Now I feel left out not having my PS4 anymore, oh well maybe if RDR2 comes to the PS5 it will be worth waiting. I'd be able to come back with a bunch of new things and it will feel refreshing.
  9. I drink occasionally, it's actually been 3 months since I had a drink, so thanks for giving me ideas for this weekend
  10. In all honesty, it takes a good while to make a great game. Although releases are a little lengthy from R*, I was more referring to what plans they have in regards to Grand Theft Auto V moving forward, yet again, to the next console.
  11. Honestly who knows anything about what R* has planned at this point.
  12. I would honestly be fine with GTA 5 on the PS5 if they give us DLC added stories and stuff. I think that would be awesome since everyone was asking for that since the very beginning. Lol!
  13. You aren't kidding. I really think the future is bright for this game. R* isn't one to just fully abandon a game. Just look a GTA 5 for example. They are still actively supporting the game going on almost 7 years now.
  14. R* would be silly to release Red Dead Online for a short period of time and just abandon it just like that. R* has spent so long and many people have worked really hard on that game to just throw it all away on the PS4. I think Red Dead Online will go along the lines similar to have GTA5 went about. If you look back and remember, GTA5 was very limited, with performance issues on the PS3 until it went into the next gen consoles. Once GTA 5 reached the next gen consoles, it's almost if R* had completely went full go with the game with support as well and the game just did way better on the PS4 t
  15. I haven't been active on the forum or just active in general as far as gaming. I've enjoyed my time on Red Dead Redemption 2, but I'm currently at a point in my life where video games keeping getting harder and difficult to find time for. I've pretty much played everything I wanted to play, and knowing the PlayStation 4 is coming to an end of it's cycle, I've made the decision to get rid of my PlayStation 4. Now, before you think I'm giving up gaming as whole, you are mistaken. I've been having great interest in getting the PlayStation 5 and I'm definitely looking forward to the next generatio
  16. I'm honestly hoping Red Dead Redemption 2 comes to the PS5. I'm also kind of expecting a new Grand Theft Auto
  17. I personally wanted the 49ers to win, because I'm sick of Mahomes and his overrated glory time in the commercials.
  18. Yes, you should be worried. Start building that underground bunker!
  19. I'm not sure why, but I can't really seem to get myself to like PC Gaming. Something about a console just makes everything feel like "home" I guess you could say because I guess I grew up with it haha.
  20. I loved the beta, and definitely love how mature the game feels now compared to the previous games.
  21. I'm very excited to give it a spin! It's been so long since I've actually bought a Call of Duty that was actually worth checking out. I'm excited about the Beta, definitely want to give it a go. I usually get hooked on betas, and then eventually get tired of a game after a while. I guess that's just the nature of games, but it's hard to say if this game will be good because it isn't out yet. I try not to get to confident in betas, as Call of Duty is NOTORIOUS for micro-transactions. If Call of Duty can stay away from micro-transactions, I think this game has huge potential in a long life, as p
  22. Lucky, I've been to busy and I wasn't able to play
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