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  1. I am just starting chapter 5 and am wondering this-once i leave the island, am I able to resume doing the challenges and take stuff to Pearson to have him create satchels, as well as other cosmetic stuff for around the camp? Also, do i get all my stuff back i had at the end of Chapter 4? I had quite a bit of money and lots of weapons and would really suck to lose everything TIA
  2. How do you catch the kid who steals your satchel? I have tried playing this multiple times by reloading my manual save and no luck-it’s very frustrating-has anyone else actually caught him? any advice would be great
  3. When playing this mission, I get stuck at the part where I need to take cover behind the wall if I skip the opening cutscene with Lenny. But if I don’t skip it then everything works ok in that part but it cuts into the time limit to get gold by a decent amount=anyone else have this happen? If so were you able to skip the opening and still shoot the raiders? I am making sure to take cover and not just crouch btw thanks much!!
  4. Has anyone else had issues getting gold on this mission? I did the cinematic cam as much as possible to try and stop the timer, and still wasn't able to beat the time limit-is it possible to get gold on this on replay? it is very frustrating that Trelawny takes his sweet ass time getting off/on his horse and entering/leaving the post office to get the tip for the stage coach. Any help would be appreciated :)
  5. Has anyone else had an issue w/replaying missions and not getting credit for everything? I am having that issue with a mission in chap 2 where I know I get everything but it still shows I’m missing an objective and it’s very frustrating-any help or advice would be appreciated 😀
  6. @Foxtrot so you mean learn the ancient secret within the dream catchers, or something else??
  7. I have a couple of questions-first, is it needed for 100% completion and/or add to the compendum to get all 7 of the lady slipper orchids? Also, i have gotten all the dreamcatchers, but it is still showing on my tasks list if i hit left on the d-pad, and everything for it is checked Thanks in advance!
  8. Has anyone else had major issues with this mission? I keep getting silver because it says I’m missing looting everything from the house-but I have watched videos on how to get everything and I close the chests and drawers when I’m done looting them-this mission is severely pissing me off because I’m very confident I’m getting all the loot-any advice would be appreciated!! Thanks much
  9. Has anyone else had this issue when the social club doesnt want to synch up with the game? I checked this am, and it shows i have 0 percent of the game complete, yet shows eveyrthing i have done in the compendum still. I have asked Rockstar support, and they asked if i have cleared the game data and allowed it to connect to the latest data Rockstar servers-does anyone know how to do that?
  10. @Kormath that did it 😀 I have another question for you-do you know how long I need to keep one of the special hats on for (ex: the Viking helmet) for it to register I picked it up? Or do I need to just have it on my horse, with my regular hat?
  11. @Kormath thank you-I do have both of those maps, but it is very possible i haven't looked at the one i get from the rocks, which would explain why i am not able to lift up the rock on the island-i will try that tonight to see if i can get the gold bars and next map
  12. @Kormath where did you find the 1st and 2nd parts/loot?
  13. @Kormathnot sure-this is the video i was following to try and get it: https://youtu.be/kwweJ0yGHok
  14. I was working on the treasure hunter missions last night, and when i came to this one, when i found the rock, it wouldnt let me lift it up to get the gold bars-has anyone else had this issue? I did restart the game all over, so not sure if that is why i cant lift it, but if i can't, then i can't go any further with this particular challenge If anyone else has had this happen, and you got it resolved, any help would be much appreciated TIA
  15. Has anyone done this with using a sniper rifle to kill the guys in the cornfield? Or would it be easier to get them both within the minute time limit to just chase them around in the field? If anyone did do the sniper way, how did u find them?
  16. @Foxtrot @DiamondDave I just did a chat with rockstar support and the person I talked to said they are aware of the issue of the diff between missions completed and number shown in social club and are working on a fix-no ETA but when there is one it will be pushed out to everyone’s system who has RDR2
  17. @Foxtrot thanks for that 😀 and I had same issue with weapons-I found out That once you actually use them, they will show up in social club under weapons category then
  18. @DiamondDave I’m glad to see it’s not just me that’s having that issue 😀 I’ll try to get ahold of them today to find out what’s going in
  19. Has anyone else had an issue with there being a difference between the number of missions you have actually finished v what is shown for stats in social club? I have completed all chapters 1 and 2 and 3 missions in chap 3 which should be 27 missions-but when I look at my stats on social club it shows 32 complete-idk of this is because I have reloaded manual save missions to try for gold. I’m just a little concerned I might run out of the missions before I get to end of game
  20. @lumper did u beat the time limit with this strategy?
  21. @Foxtrot no problem-so I’m assuming that the timer starts for part 2 as soon as mission starts then? 3 minutes isn’t much time at all to try and complete it
  22. @Foxtrot so it sounds like the timer starts right away for the 3min? And that is odd that only part 3 shows-is that part hard to complete to get a gold?
  23. Are there any tricks or trips to complete this in 3 min besides skipping cutscenes? I haven’t played it yet but want to beat this time limit to get gold 😀
  24. Is there an easy way to do this without getting hit by him? I have looked online and saw a few diff ways so I though I would pose the question to the experts 😀
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