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READ - Reminder about spoilers


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  • Don't put spoilers in the title of the post
  • Reply to a post with spoilers and not wrap in spoiler tags yourself


  • Add the word "SPOILERS" in the title
  • Put all spoilers in a spoiler tag using the EYE BUTTON on the toolbar
  • Put all replies containing spoilers in spoiler tags as above



  • Information about events that happen in missions
  • Story plot points
  • Encounters - people want to find the scary thing out themselves in game, not read about it in a forum first.


Failure to adhere to these rules will either get you warnings or straight banned, but above all you will upset other forum users. 

Please be mindful.

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Just now, Poggy said:


I'm happy for people to point out when/if/where I've got this wrong. 

I don't want the game spoiled for myself, nor do I want to reveal stuff to others who don't want to know.

Yeah getting spoiled ruins everything. That's why you have to be very careful as to what you read online. Someone spoiled the ending of the dialogue for me, but I kind of figured the situation would happen anyways. 

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