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Problem with "Fishing Rod cannot be equipped here"


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Okay...I've been trying to play the game so far without checking for help from the forums or youtube but this seems more like a bug than a gameplay mechanic.

So...I have already completed the story. And for some reason I can't to take out my fishing rod AT ALL. I'm literally standing in the river at the area where I'm supposed to catch the second last remaining legendary fish and I still can't equip the rod. Rod remains gray with text, "Fishing rod cannot be equipped here". It has worked after finishing the story but I can't tell the point it stopped working. Also few days ago it suddenly worked normally at the Bayou area for short amount of time. And since then I've been trying to figure out what did I possibly do to make it work again and how to replicate that. This far I've found out that:

  • Changing outfit doesn't help.
  • Unequipping all the weapons won't help.
  • I tried killing a fisherman and take poor fellers rod but even that didn't help.
  • Restarting the game hasn't helped.
  • Sleeping for days made no difference.
  • I have tried literally every single river in the game at it doesn't seem to be about the location either.
  • I can't even remember all the silly things I've tried to get it work again.

To be honest, this ain't very big problem but it's holding me back from completing the legendary fish challenge at the point where I only have two fishes remaining. Not much of a trouble but rather frustrating. If anyone here is facing or has faced the same problem feel free to help me out or join and moan together. Any clues are well appreciated.



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I had this issue as well, but I haven't beaten the game yet. I see you listed this already, but for me, I quit the game out completely and it worked for me. I play on xbox and many times when I boot up the system and go into the game, it is right on my pause screen instead of having to boot it back up. By closing out of it completely this fixed it for me. It was extremely frustrating, and hope you find a fix!

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2 minutes ago, dropkickennedy said:

By closing out of it completely this fixed it for me.

I noticed with another game that had MANY issues that completely closing games will prevent a lot of bugs. Ever since then, I've made it a habit.

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