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  1. @Zweli Because you're a cheater, and cheaters never win!!!
  2. Why would you leave?!?! SSB on the N64 gets REAL crazy. I can only imagine how much more intense the new one would be... Haven't had any of that around in a few years now. Not that I've really looked...
  3. I want details! But I know better than to ask lol Did you ever hear about F13 Vengeance that Brownspace was working on? I backed it before they changed the name. Used to be Mythos, but I guess they obtained some sort of rights. Haven't heard anything in a while though. I think the plan was to finish up filming soon. Edit: Found a link
  4. You have to find that person again after getting all the pictures. I believe it will pop up as a mission. Edit: I don't remember what the reward is though. https://www.rdr2.org/guides/the-noblest-of-men-and-a-woman-stranger-mission-guide/
  5. Meh, I tried... I still say you should open that barbecue place up here.
  6. Ask @Cokeyskunk to be your personal chef (without pay) Ask him nicely (PLEASE?!?!) Eat barbecue. Hope he's not some ****ing weirdo that doses my food
  7. This article seems to be the only one I can find that actually tells the whole story. I don't know how accurate the facts are since I haven't seen the videos myself, but that article has a lot of details that no one else is reporting.
  8. @Cokeyskunk You need to either find a way for me to make good barbecue without a smoker, or come be my personal chef. I can't pay you, but I'll always say thank you!
  9. The trinkets are all automatically active. I'm not sure about the talismans, but @Kormath is probably right:
  10. @WRESTLiNGHDD hate to give the stupid response, but is your system connected to the internet? That's the only thing I can think of to help...
  11. Minor things (where they don't start shooting you immediately) you don't have to run away. I had one occasion where I got busted robbing someone. I surrendered to the lawman that caught me and he said it wasn't worth his time but I should leave. I walked away slowly at first and he shouted something along the lines of "GTFO". I was curious what he would've done had I stayed, but I didn't want to bother at the time. You're unable to surrender when they're shooting, they just want you dead at that point. I've had 3 different scenes play out after being arrested. Typically you'll just serve your time and be released. Sometimes the gang will come and break you out (it goes much better than other jailbreaks you might have encountered). The third is (I'm assuming) more rare. I've only seen it once and never heard anyone else mention it. I bribed the lawman that was watching me and he let me go. Not sure if it actually cost me anything. You don't have a choice (the scenes play out randomly), so I don't think they actually take your money. Not sure about being wanted dead or alive, but if they don't immediately open fire then you should have the option to surrender.
  12. I'd have no problem with that. You have to surrender to them. Leave the area until things cool down, then find a lawman or bounty hunter and surrender when they call you out. Don't move, don't draw your weapon, just press triangle (Y for normal people) to surrender and allow them to take you.
  13. You should be able to just do it from the game. You can view everyone in the server with you, just look for their name and view their profile. From there you can report/block them (one of the last options). Seriously? That's ****ing dumb...
  14. This is an unofficial forum, Rockstar has no presence here (excluding the one member who claimed to be from Rockstar before disappearing). All of those ideas are fine, but none of them are original... Everything you mentioned already exists in other games. Doesn't mean they're bad ideas, just that there's no way to add some of them without ripping off another game. I'm personally kind of sick of all the fps games out there. It's been done to death. Every COD game is just a reskin of the last with a few minor adjustments. I want games that are different than the rest. Not saying the suggested game modes shouldn't be added, they just shouldn't be the main focus of the game.
  15. Not sure about a separate game, but I'd buy it as dlc. I'd much rather play a "modern" version of it than the 360 version.
  16. Well it's easy when the yolk is SUPPOSED to break! Haven't made scrambled eggs in a LONG time... That method is definitely better than my "throw the sh*t in and mix it until it's cooked" method.
  17. I have those "I'm a damn good cook" moments as well. Then I remember that I can't make eggs without ****ing up at least 2 of them... lol
  18. If you overwrite the auto save, you can still just load your manual save that you made before starting the mission. The auto save is a separate save file.
  19. Last hotel I was at (VERY southern Texas) I watched them "cook" some chicken for some dude's sandwich. They put it on this greasy piece of cardboard and threw it in what appeared to be an industrial microwave... They used that same piece of cardboard for everything else they "cooked" as well... Thankfully we got to go to Texas Roadhouse instead lol Glad you found this thread!
  20. What a horrible way to live life... My buddy went vegetarian a few years back. Even he will give in and eat bacon. @Syrens those look awesome!
  21. You can always save before initiating the mission and reload as needed. I always ignored the auto save and used my own.
  22. https://support.rockstargames.com/
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