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  1. Do you have 2 trinkets and the Legend of the East outfit equipped? That should do it.
  2. They out here eating babies. I'll gladly put down and skin a dingo. Just like you taught me Pa!
  3. So now I have to hunt and skin a god damn Kangaroo? Even worse, a Joey? I'm not ready haha.
  4. You're actually a better cook then Pearson. Only your character can craft recipes that include mint, oregano and thyme. You do this at a camp fire, going to your meat, and scrolling to the right with the D pad (except for gamey meat I believe). You can upgrade Pearson's supplies though through the ledger which has him produce better stew to grant you bonuses on health, stamina and dead eye.
  5. I can dig Hugh as Dutch. We really haven't seen him play a "bad guy" yet. I would be interested to see that. I could see Butler as Arthur. I just think his accent always pokes through haha
  6. Yesterday I was hunting and found a group of 3 bucks under a tree. It was at night and I thought they were laying down/sleeping which I thought was odd. Snuck up to them and they didn't move. Got right up to them and it allowed me to pick them up. So strange having 3 dead deer clustered together under 1 tree like they were placed there. Searched around and didn't see anything else that was odd. Just attributed it to Rockstar shenanigans
  7. I've been thinking through this, and though you could never capture the magic of RDR in a movie (maybe a series, but even then I don't know), I think it would be fun to cast actors you think could portray the characters on the big screen. If you had no budget, who would you cast? Arthur Morgan - I was thinking Thomas Haden Church, but I believe he's a bit too old now. Maybe Josh Brolin? John Marston - Norman Reedus Dutch van der Linde - Jeffrey Dean Morgan Abigail Roberts - Odeya Rush Bill Williamson - Vincent D'Onofrio Charles Smith - Tough one. Can't find someone I like... Colm O'Driscoll - Michael Shannon Hosea Matthews - Richard Jenkins Jack Marston - Don't really care haha Javier Escuella - Diego Luna Josiah Trelawny - Sam Rockwell Karen Jones - Christina Hendricks Kieran Duffy - Caleb Landry Jones Lenny Summers - Daniel Kaluuya Leopold Strauss - Martin Short Mary-Beth Gaskill - Anya Taylor-Joy Micah Bell - Steven Ogg (I honestly thought he was the voice actor until I looked him up) Molly O'Shea - Orla Brady Orville Swanson - Kevin Bacon Sadie Adler - Hard to top the voice actor as I would cast her but my other two options are Julia Garner or Emma Stone Sean McGuire - Domhnall Gleeson Simon Pearson - Dan Aykroyd Susan Grimshaw - Helen Mirren Tilly Jackson - Ruth Negga Uncle - Jeff Bridges hahaha. Maybe Stellan Skarsgård
  8. Yeah, I was reading that progress will not carry over, but we'll see. I think I will continue to play the story until the full release.
  9. Does anyone have access to online yet? I do, but I'm still focusing on achieving 100% (only have the last Exotics mission that I plan on destroying tonight!). I've been hearing mixed reviews on it. I'm looking forward to jumping in with my buddies and creating our own posse.
  10. Thanks for putting this together man! I have added to the ones you did not get to yet. Hope this helps! (Also excuse any typos or grammatical errors. Typed this up quick)
  11. You can catch it again, but you will have to wait a day or so and probably leave the area and come back later to try again.
  12. @Kormath This video also shows you can shot them anywhere (this case in the rabbit's butt at .55) and still maintain the 3 stars. They just need to die one shot.
  13. Idk man, that has not been my experience at all. Aim and shoot a 3 star rabbit with a 3 star pelt and it remained 3 stars. Never had one issue with it. What you're referring to there is the carcass, not the pelt. You can shoot a 2 star bird or rabbit, but still walk away with a perfect carcass. The pelt will be the same or worse. Cannot go higher than what was shown. This is helpful later in the a game when doing a certain fetch side mission.
  14. When I hunt I only ever use the .22 (varmint rifle) and arrows. Most all animals can be killed with perfect pelts using these two weapons, you just need to know which to use. Small game arrows get small birds, snakes, squires, etc. .22 used for rabbits, muskrats, beavers, skunks, animals of that size. Regular arrows for deer, pronghorn, boar (I think). Anything larger use improved arrows. Also, when using the .22, I never had an issue not getting a perfect belt regardless of where the animal was shot, if it falls into the appropriate category for the weapon. Just lock on and shoot. With arrows I usually have to hit them in the head.
  15. Not all heroes wear capes. Thank you sir!
  16. Yup, that's exactly what you have to do without knowing what you already picked up so I'm sitting there trying to remember what I need. I will have to start writing them down. At like 36 out of 43. Yeah, the exotics are a pain mostly for finding those Orchids ugh.
  17. Sameski. Got there using my horse. Started a fire after I was done and it teleported me back to the main land. Boom.
  18. Noice! Congrats! I'm so close. I only need to complete the exotics which are a pain and the herbalist which is equally just as frustrating.
  19. Can't forget about Uncle haha. What about the women? Can't leave them out.
  20. It is a feeling of completion, but would it kill Pearson's to say, "Hey, you know that moose that took you a week to find? Well those antlers look top notch. Thank you Arthur" haha
  21. Oh 100%. I am a little perturb however that upgrading your satchel and everything at the camp gives you nothing. No achievement, no in game reward from what I can tell. Nothing.
  22. Maybe not difficult per say, but frustrating and tedious. For example, getting $50 from robbing town folk and travelers took me awhile a pretty nice hit on my honor. Finding cougars and bears were a pain. The Gambler challenges, as mentioned, are a matter of luck and take some time to sink into them. The last few challenges just take a lot of time I'd say, but you know I'm gonna do them all 😡
  23. Have you tried casting from multiple locations? Happened to me. Was catching different type of fish, moved to a different bank and boom.
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