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Comedy of Errors


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Ever have a bounty hunt go as stupidly as this one? In my defense, it was about 2 am, and my brain had long since began to drift...

I picked up a bounty mission in Valentine. Just had to go near Wallace Station, capture a woman outlaw, and return her alive to the Valentine jail. I had a $300 bounty on my own head in West Elizabeth (thanks a lot, Micah!), but it shouldn't be a problem, as I only had to step across the county line briefly.

My first few attempts were all foiled by bounty hunters coming after me just as I was approaching my target. That would start a mission lock-down, and my target would disappear. I ran a couple of times, and stayed to fight (and die) twice. There were just too many of them. I decided to pay off the bounty and come back later. 

Went on to other stuff, and made enough money to pay off the bounty after a bit. I happened to be in Saint Denis when I decided to try again, so I took the train to Wallace Station instead of riding since it was so far away. Made it there only to discover that my horse did not follow. I tried camping and sleeping in hopes it would spawn nearby, but no luck. And for some reason, there is no stable within miles of this area. So I just went in on foot. I figured maybe she had a horse I could steal. 

She did not.

I hog-tied her and started carrying her back to Valentine on foot. Let me tell you, it is a long, long trek! But maybe I would find a horse along the way. Hmm... where is everybody? I've been carrying this lady for MILES, and there's nobody around. I got about two-thirds of the way there, and finally someone comes by on a horse. Of course I shot him in the head to take his steed, but as soon as I do, I get the message: MISSION FAILED. YOU RECEIVED A BOUNTY. (Or something like that).

Respawned, still without my horse, back near Wallace Station again. It was now about 3 am, but I was stubborn and stupid. Hog-tied her again, and ran her all the way back to Valentine on foot. Got a whole $25 for my effort, so I guess it was worth it, right? 

Arthur called it a night, and softly cried himself to sleep.

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3 minutes ago, Skysaw said:

had a $300 bounty on my own head in West Elizabeth (thanks a lot, Micah!),

Thanks for reminding me how much I hate Micah. 

6 minutes ago, Skysaw said:

Arthur called it a night, and softly cried himself to sleep.

Manly tears that were bourne of the frustration of the idiocy of others, I'm certain.

1 minute ago, Benjo said:

Don't look like bounty hun'n's for you, cow poke. Best try your hand't sumth'n easier, like pickin' up horse apples.

Make sure the shovel is sturdy and you have a back brace.

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