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  1. That's actually kind of awesome. Good job!
  2. Totally get that. I'd rather play with RL friends too, but none of my friends are playing RDR.
  3. I hadn't done anything with other players, so I decided to check out the "Posse Up" option, and got thrown into a random group. Grabbed my headset and hoped for the best, not expecting much. I must have gotten lucky, because it turned out to be a great group, all friendly and on-mic. We did some story and stranger missions, got into a few shoot-outs, and swapped war stories for a few hours. Made some new Xbox friends, and had an overall great time. Just posting for those who don't have any friends who regularly play, and who don't expect much from randos. Go ahead and jump in... you never know!
  4. Well I'll try again tonight, but I don't feel hopeful. I've tried many, many times in various different locations, and it would be a weird coincidence if I was standing in a bad location every time.
  5. I'm not saying that it doesn't work as a cover -- I'm saying that it doesn't get used from my inventory at all. Scent lines stay too. It's as if I can't get the lid off the damn jar!
  6. Pretty sure I looked there several times. I'll check again tonight, since I might just be crazy. I'm also pretty sure I used to see it somewhere when I opened my satchel with D-Pad-R. Or am I imagining that?
  7. Try it from different distances. Sometimes it's not available for some reasons, and I back up and re-approach slowly and it's available again.
  8. Did that one ages ago. Lost the lantern much more recently, I think.
  9. Good idea. I'll give it a shot tonight.
  10. I know the stuff doesn't really do that much to help, but it really bugs me that I can't seem to be able to apply Cover Scent on myself. I've been carrying around a pile of them for ages, but whenever I try to apply it, nothing happens. It doesn't get used up, and I don't get any message about it. I've tried applying directly from satchel, as well as from the item wheel, but neither works. Is this another bug for me, or am I just missing something obvious?
  11. Somewhere around chapter 4 I noticed that my lantern was completely missing. It's not on my horse, not in my satchel, not in any category of "items" listed anywhere. In short, it's completely missing. Anyone else have this happen, or know what I can do about it? I haven't ventured into any dark caves for a long time, but I would like to eventually find those carvings, and I assume it will be a necessity.
  12. This sounds like an OCD thing. I'm guessing that the OP would have been perfectly happy if RDR2 didn't award any medals at all. But since the gold medal exists... MUST HAVE AT ALL COSTS. Myself, I don't see the point in going for medals at all, with all the other more interesting content and goals in the game. When I finally finish the story, I might replay a few missions just to go for a better medal. Then again, I might not even bother. Seriously, they are pointless.
  13. Whenever you see campfire smoke on the horizon, go check it out. 9 times out of 10, there’s something interesting over there.
  14. The trapper is supposed to be West of Big Valley in West Elizabeth. I’m at over 53% and almost done with chapter 4, and I still haven’t seen him.
  15. Here’s a better pose of Mr. Hat.
  16. I found a horse for sale in a stable that had a jet black head, and a completely white body. Didn’t buy because the stats sucked, but I wish I had taken a screenshot.
  17. Is there a story event that spawns the trapper out West? I’ve ridden out to where he’s placed on the map in the strategy guide, and I still can’t find him. Any ideas?
  18. Stable the horse. Saddle the horse. Ride out of the stable. Then save the game. The horse should then be yours ‘til death do you part.
  19. On my 1X it was the other way around. I have HDR turned off mainly to make nights darker.
  20. I'm guessing you may have missed the message text that explains how Dead Eye changes at a certain level. At the start of the game, simply moving your sights over a target will paint the Xs on. After a certain level, you need to hit R2 for each X. This is actually an improvement on how deadeye works, since you can more carefully place on multiple targets. Edit - never mind. Seems you figured it out while I was typing!
  21. Ever have a bounty hunt go as stupidly as this one? In my defense, it was about 2 am, and my brain had long since began to drift... I picked up a bounty mission in Valentine. Just had to go near Wallace Station, capture a woman outlaw, and return her alive to the Valentine jail. I had a $300 bounty on my own head in West Elizabeth (thanks a lot, Micah!), but it shouldn't be a problem, as I only had to step across the county line briefly. My first few attempts were all foiled by bounty hunters coming after me just as I was approaching my target. That would start a mission lock-down, and my target would disappear. I ran a couple of times, and stayed to fight (and die) twice. There were just too many of them. I decided to pay off the bounty and come back later. Went on to other stuff, and made enough money to pay off the bounty after a bit. I happened to be in Saint Denis when I decided to try again, so I took the train to Wallace Station instead of riding since it was so far away. Made it there only to discover that my horse did not follow. I tried camping and sleeping in hopes it would spawn nearby, but no luck. And for some reason, there is no stable within miles of this area. So I just went in on foot. I figured maybe she had a horse I could steal. She did not. I hog-tied her and started carrying her back to Valentine on foot. Let me tell you, it is a long, long trek! But maybe I would find a horse along the way. Hmm... where is everybody? I've been carrying this lady for MILES, and there's nobody around. I got about two-thirds of the way there, and finally someone comes by on a horse. Of course I shot him in the head to take his steed, but as soon as I do, I get the message: MISSION FAILED. YOU RECEIVED A BOUNTY. (Or something like that). Respawned, still without my horse, back near Wallace Station again. It was now about 3 am, but I was stubborn and stupid. Hog-tied her again, and ran her all the way back to Valentine on foot. Got a whole $25 for my effort, so I guess it was worth it, right? Arthur called it a night, and softly cried himself to sleep.
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