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  1. Whatever they did on the back end recently has FINALLY stabilized my connection enough that I can grind for 4-5 hours online with maybe one disconnect. So, I've been immersed in the game for a few weeks now, finally playing catch up and having a ball doing so. And I let my son play as well. Probably not the best parenting decision ever, but I figure if he's going to be gaming, be needs to play GOOD games, and not trash ftp titles that make money with ads and mtx The refining that's taken place in the last year or so has made a huge difference, too. I imagine posses are more fun now than they've been since launch.
  2. Part of the issue is licensing. Because Red Dead Redemption 2 is trademarked by R* in multiple jurisdictions, I imagine it's variants are as well. Let's see... http://tmsearch.uspto.gov/bin/gate.exe?f=doc&state=4806:3u2zdt.10.54 That's Take Two Interactive's filing for Red Dead Redemption, including tee shirts. Now, with how Corporation friendly US law is, I suspect that if TTI wanted to challenge the use of RDR2.org, they'd be successful. Copyright claims, especially related to IPs are very protective and have a lot of safeguards against derivative is similar sounding names. Which isn't to say that it can't be done, but it may behoove anyone considering something similar to entertain only attempting to profit off of original content, like user posts or art (much of which is protected by fair use).
  3. I can't reiterate how transformative the external drives have been. For years I've been resistant to digital download on my consoles for a lot of reasons. I finally stated dipping my proverbial toes into dds within the past year or so, and out of necessity, picked up a relatively inexpensive 2TB external drive as a black Friday special last year. Literal game-changer.
  4. I get valerian root on just about every bounty of I stop to loot the bodies or loot the hog-tied bounty themselves. At least one, and sometimes two.
  5. Not bad. Certainly better than I could manage. The real question is, do you play him appropriately?
  6. It may surprise you, but I've cut back myself as well. It's probably why shares of Diageo are down for the FY.
  7. Play it strictly for Warzone. Low investment threshold and every game is different.
  8. That's why I haven't played in six months. The online just never quite worked for me, despite every possible fix attempt, and I got tired of spending more time in error & loading screens than playing the actual game. But I must be a glutton for punishment, because I'm actually considering firing it up again in the near future.
  9. People who manage to make eating a bowl of ice cream sound like a bulldog eating a bowl of mayonnaise.
  10. Late to the party on this, but there's a tradition in my house: December 23: Trading Places December 24: Die Hard December 25: Daddy's Home 2 (for the kids)
  11. I can't speak for anyone else, but The Mandalorian is my reason.
  12. That's not "random" bro, Cripps is gaslighting all of us, and needs to be taught a lesson. I bet a YT series about killing Cripps in fun and inventive ways would be VERY popular.
  13. But it's far, FAR more satisfying to just chuck sticks of dynamite at a clump of enemies/bounties and just clean up the mess afterwards. Bonus: a dead body doesn't wiggle free from the back of the horse.
  14. I was thinking something completely different, like butchering horses into a meal and selling parts to the glue factory. But I don't care about other peoples' Cripps, just mine. It's personal.
  15. If they don't accept your help, will you resort to helping them against their will? Kidding, of course. That name, "The Congregation" gives me the willies, though. I keep picturing those deep woods small churches and communities where the preacher is the true power politically speaking. It still happens in rural areas more often than you'd think.
  16. No, but I've been to a stable once in the past two months, so I'm probably not the person to answer this. Oh god yes. It'd be irritating, but Cripps bugs me. Hopefully down the line, we can have the option to hire someone new or outright replace Cripps. Yep. Annoying too. It's understandable though, that if you're pitched in West Elizabeth but just spent an hour and a half in Lemyone, that the game's scripting assumes you'd want camp set up closer instead of fast traveling back or riding the whole way. From an economics perspective, it makes sense, because they get you twice, with both the fast travel cost, and the camp upkeep cost continually coming out of your earnings (not that it's a big deal, but still). Part of me wonders if there is or should be a setting that you can select to lock the camp into place until it's taken down by choice. That's probably a QoL change that they'll examine if enough people request it.
  17. Thanks for circulating, bro. It's funny: six months ago, this article would have angered me. He'll, I'd have been borderline enraged. Single player was the backbone of the experience, and the online was a bit mess that was irredeemable. Now? Completely the opposite. Narratively speaking, expanding the single-player experience doesn't make too much sense, as the story has a cohesive, comete story with a beginning, long-ass middle, end, and epilogue (whick dovetails perfectly with RDR). I'm not really interested in expanding the end of the single player mode unless it's a MASSIVE update that's basically an updated version of RDR. The online has been consistently improving and expanding, providing players with deepening levels of immersion and a diverse open world that allows you the freedom the single player experience could only dream of.
  18. I meant what, specifically, was the cause of your disconnects. Was it a router or PS4/XBo setting? Did you need to surround it with healing crystals and cleanse it by burning sage next to it? Clear your browser history?
  19. Fall is my favorite time of the year. It's when brewers stop foisting their horse-dung infused IPA's upon the masses and focus on porters and stouts. To that end, I'm curious as to what everyone is looking forward to, from the smallest craft brewer to the largest macro brew. What has you excited? Is there something that's caught your eye? Is there a beer we should all avoid like a job fair hosted by O'Driscolls? For me, the king remains Deschutes' The Abyss. Special occasions or celebrations, I'm bringing this along. It blows me away every time.
  20. That dude looks like Dollar Store Dr. Doom.
  21. Still muddying through. Are Bolas superior to the lasso in restraining bounty targets, or do you still have to hogtie them when you get to them?
  22. Some of us enjoy that. Curious as to what the specific issue was for you, if you can recall. It may be illuminating for those of us who still experience frequent disruptions (it has gotten better since the last patch, at least for me) and have tired all the "FAQ" quick fixes (NAT Type, port forwarding, hard lining, etc). It'd bother me more, but it gives me time to mosey over to the beer fridge and grab a pint while I load in. I port forwarded on about day 5 after RDO went live, and it didn't do much to fix the issue, but I'm glad it works for some folks.
  23. Sir! This is the INTERNET! Facts, data, testing, and technical detail have NO place here--this is a safe space where FEELINGS matter, and I'll thank you to remember that going forward.
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