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Xbox Scorpio Specs Revealed, Just Don’t Expect RDR2 At Scorpio E3 Event


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Even with DigitalFoundry’s special preview of the upcoming Project Scorpio being published, the gaming journalism rumor mill is still churning away at full speed.

Some things, like exact hardware specs, have now been officially confirmed. However others, such as the design of the system and what upcoming games will be used to promote its capabilities, are still up for question.

Obviously, as one of the most hyped titles of 2017, it was inevitable that rumors of Red Dead Redemption 2 appearing as part of the preview in some capacity would pop-up. True enough, we reported on these allegations recently. However we’re not holding our breaths for some big RDR2/Xbox Scorpio reveal at E3 in June.


The primary reasoning here is that Rockstar very rarely appears at mainstream gaming events. They have been known to show up at E3 in the past, but those occasions are rare. Rockstar prefers to not worry about contenderspretenders. Instead of stealing the show, they want the show all for themselves in the first place and therefore they usually do reveal events in their own time, on their own terms.

However, there is another snag in this particular rumor – Rockstar has a special deal with one of the two console manufacturers, but it isn’t with Microsoft.

Sony announced, soon after the game’s initial reveal, that they have a partnership with Rockstar regarding post-launch content for Red Dead Redemption 2. PlayStation 4 players will get access to DLC in Red Dead Online sooner than Xbox One players, however there won’t be any kind of full content exclusivity, just a delay for those who choose to play on Microsoft’s console. Promotional materials also prominently feature PS4 branding in retail stores.

Now, when you have this kind of deal set up with one of the two biggest players in the console industry, you don’t go and break months of media silence at the reveal event of the other. Project Scorpio is Microsoft’s answer to the PS4 Pro, Sony’s own mid-generation upgrade. Many fans ended up being a tad disappointed with the Pro, not considering the measure of improvements to be sufficient. The Scorpio has been the stuff of rumors (and dreams for some) for months now, and Microsoft’s reveal of further info about the upcoming console has already garnered massive media attention.


If Rockstar breaks its own “rules” and appears at a major gaming event this year to boost Red Dead Redemption 2’s reach, you can bet that it will be E3. It’s just much more likely that they’ll skip that though, and do their own events. And until such a time comes, we’re still stuck with no new info on the game.

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