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Treasure Map Disappeared


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Has anyone had a treasure map disappear from your inventory?

I had found the Poisonous Trail map 1


near Cairn Lake

I followed it to the marked location


Face Rock

I found the next map (map 2).

I then went and did other stuff, some missions, robbing etc.


I went to Van Horn and found the Snake Mound that's on the 2nd map. I go to pull the map out of my satchel to confirm the location of the treasure and the map is gone! I thought maybe I died and it reset to before I found the 2nd map, so I travel all the way back to Face Rock, but It doesn't give me the prompt to search the hollow tree, because I'd already found the map.

So, now I'm stuck.


I contacted Rockstar Support and they have been responsive, but their troubleshooting suggestions haven't done anything. I'm pissed- that treasure is supposed to be close to $2000 in gold!

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I am experiencing a similar problem. I did the stranger mission where you get the first jack hall gang map I could open the map and it was in my inventory under Treasure Maps. Now that section is gone and I cant open the map at all. My progress says I met and bought the map from the stranger. I even went to the treasure location from that map, but I cant interact with where the next map is supposed to be. 

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