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[Money Tip] Killing Medium Sized Legendary Animals


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So I just got done killing the Legendary Fox and Coyote. I feel like most people forget that you can sell the whole animal its self but you don’t necessarily want to do that because you‘re loosing money. 

Any animal that you can pick up and stow on your horse you can do this with. 

When you kill the Legendary animal don’t skin it right away or if you do stow the skin first then the carcass, and ride to the trapper


Then take the animal off your horse and skin it.

Next sell the legendary skin

Now pickup the animal carcass and sell that to the trapper.


Legendary Coyote as a whole = $22.75

Legendary Coyote Skin = $22.00

• Legendary Coyote Carcass = $11.38

You profit an extra $10.63 

*Legendary Buck Profit = $13.25

Might as well do it :) Hope this helps y’all! 

[My Questions]

If any of you guys have given the whole legendary animal to the trapper if you still get the dead eye experience levels and if it updates in the compendium as you skinning it therefore completing the animal 3/3?

Bot sure why you would do it that way but just curious :) Happy hunting :D

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46 minutes ago, DylBandit said:

I found other ways to make big money, but nice tip! 

I wasn’t saying this is a way to make big money haha. I was just tryna let people know that you can make a little extra money for something your already turning in so ya might as well do it this way. 

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