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Missed Granger's Revolver

Geralt of Rivia

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Hi everyone,

Not sure if I missed it, or it disappeared from my inventory.

I killed the legendary gunslinger, E. Granger and somehow, I may not have picked his gun.
But I am pretty keen on details, and the rare gun icon on mini-map would be easily noticed.

A similar thing happened when my Schofield revolver that I got from Valentine doctor, went missing on my inventory. But that's for another story.

Anyway, I am too far ahead in game and realized that it is not in my inventory.
Is there a way to get it back?

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I think with the exception of one of the gunslingers, you have one opportunity to pick up their weapon.  If you leave and come back, it will not be there and never come back.

Sorry, partner.  Do you have a save you can use?  I make manual saves often because of unexpected things such as these.

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