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  1. Oldest PC I had was probably an Intel 32-bit processor with Windows 3.1. We also had terminal-like computers in my house before that, but they were mostly for dialing into an inventory/bookkeeping system. My personal PC's have just been constantly upgraded. My current specs are an i7 6700K, GTX 1070.
  2. Try a boat. One usually spawns out by the Saint Denis docks. I think a canoe may also spawn by the dock area behind Caliga Hall.
  3. Did you finish the game? There's a mission in the story where the O'Driscoll's will be gone from the game forever, which also means their gang hideout becomes abandoned. I would assume that also means the camps will be abandoned, too.
  4. I almost feel like trains are a myth in this game, as I see them so rarely, so I can only assume you're spending a lot of time reeling in the fish. The train tracks are going to be your best bet, though. It really shouldn't take more than a few minutes to reel him in if you're using the advanced technique of pulling up repeatedly on the rod. Once I learned this technique, legendary fish became very easy to catch. If you're not familiar with it, just move the left analog stick down repeatedly while reeling in at the same time. It feels kind of like patting your head and rubbing your stomach at the same time, but I'm able to do it by just looking at the controller and not the screen.
  5. Is the Switch x86 architecture? The ability to stream it may be the only way, but that kind of tech is a few years off. I think Microsoft is in the demo'ing stage of streaming AC Odyssey with their Azure servers. It's not yet perfect. In terms of the bigger picture, streaming may be Nintendo's only way of surviving going forward, because when you think of it, the Switch is basically a home console that you can play as a portable handheld. Game streaming, however, will provide that convenience on any mobile device. And on another note, I'd love to play some Mario Odyssey, but I have no need for a Switch. Nintendo should start thinking about their IP, rather than their hardware. If Nintendo created their own digital store for other platforms, they'd actually get me to purchase some of their games. Anywho, I digress.
  6. Correction. I am now 1-0.958 away from completion.
  7. I knew about the map glitch a few weeks ago, and I think it's only logical for R* to re-release the original using RDR2, but the randomness of the voice glitch seems suspicious. That glitch could easily be faked with editing. Trust me, I want to believe, but the voice glitch seems too random. We need to know what exactly triggers this.
  8. Congrats! I'm currently 95.4% away from completion.
  9. If you didn't spend so much time griefing the other NPC's, you maybe have finished the challenge in half the time.
  10. It's difficult to say. The gun is a one-time pickup, so it's a very real possibility that you lost the pistol in a save you didn't intend to load. Unless you're in the habit of manually saving your game often, the game will only auto-save after events that affect progress, and we don't know what that save actually saved.
  11. On that note, I get the sense that this was intentional, almost as if it has the cinematic-desaturated quality of the color correction and over-blown exposure of brightness with the dark vignette is supposed to give the impression of 19th century photography.
  12. You'd still be able to do this with an updated analog movement scheme. It would actually be even more precise than the current fixed speed of movement.
  13. Rockstar really should have updated the movement mechanics this time around. It's 2018 and here we are, still button mashing for a control scheme. Most 3D games these days make use of the analog sticks to control speed.
  14. I definitely consider films like The Proposition a Western, and I like the thought of it, but like DylBandit said, Rockstar has perfected Americana as a genre. I suspect this is also why GTA has never returned to London.
  15. What I've noticed is that the HDR on RDR2 definitely makes a difference in terms of brightness, but it certainly does not with regards to contrast and color. One game that properly does HDR is Assassin's Creed Origins and Odyssey.
  16. Apparently, the talisman also do the trick. Not sure which ones, as I'm not yet that far in completing 100%.
  17. Look, let's be honest. The only people looking to complete this achievement are people who've probably already finished the game and are looking for an extra challenge. The game was created to be more of an immersive experience, rather than a challenge, but the challenges are there, should you choose to earn them. So to answer your question, I do not believe Rockstar created the gold medal challenges with the intent that you'd actually attain them until the game was finished.
  18. Obligatory cat avatar train incoming. This is now a gato thread. Start posting your catsu.
  19. X S

    Change My Mind

    You'll get better responses for this on /v/.
  20. They're probably ignoring you because most people know "high quality" HDMI cables are usually a gimmick and have no real effect on framerates. HDMI cable quality degradation usually results in signal loss or pixelation, not game performance. The cable that comes with the X should be good enough. And even if you weren't using a 2.0 cable, a 1.4 cable would also be enough for RDR2, since the game only runs at 4K/30. HDMI 2.1 is also totally unnecessary. Those cables are rated for 4K/120 and 8K. No games run that high, other than brand new Nvidia RTX PC games. So unless he's experiencing signal loss or pixelation, his cables are just fine.
  21. Other than Twin Peaks, not there shouldn't be. Which gangs have you discovered already? The default ones you run into should be automatic. I've discovered 4/6 so far: 1. O'Driscoll 2. Murfee Brood 3. Lemoyne Raiders 4. Del Lobo Oddly, I have not run into the Night Folk yet. You only need to "discover" them.
  22. Contributing this page. It's from the official guide. Hideouts are the bigger versions of camps, highlighted by named locations. You have to find 6 of the 7 for total completion. I was able to encounter the Del Lobo gang when searching for Flaco Hernandez up in the mountains, which is strangely not on the map.
  23. Challenge 10 should be relatively easy then. Just win one hand and then keep pushing all in on the rest of the remaining two hands needed, right? You're bound to get someone to fold twice at some point.
  24. Oh, ok. I misunderstood. Yeah, that challenge seems like it's going to come down to sheer luck. Very rare situation.
  25. I found that challenge one of easiest. Just keep doubling and you'll eventually win. I'm on the five finger filet win at every location so far. I'm dreading the challenge of winning 3 domino games in a row.
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