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  1. And what do you get for that "achievement"?
  2. Ye i did that.yesterday. It worked. It does not work from catalogue.
  3. Varmint really needs nerf in pvp. Its really obsolete to buy any other weapons rn. Especially in deathmatches - like 70% kills are from varmint rifles. Its range allows you to headshot someone who you don´t even see through mist for instance. Either nerf that range in pvp or just reduce headshot dmg. Varmint is meant to be hunting weapon. Right now it seems to be the best pvp weapon too.
  4. I can't switch to gold when trying to buy that lure. Simply doesn't wotk for me. Works for a lot of things, just not with that lure.
  5. Well its second beta week but I can assure you this will never be CoD or Battlefield, it´s not intended.
  6. Have you lost something? Because i didn't even when I was DCd.
  7. How did you buy that lake lure? I have like 3 gold bars and when I want to buy it it keeps telling me its from rank 30. Where did u buy it?
  8. 5 days after beta started for everyone ? Yes.
  9. Fishing is really good too. You get +10 health for every fish.
  10. Ye you are probably true. The only reason is they are just assholes.
  11. Maybe it makes them feel better. Let them compensate their life failure in game at least 🙂 or they are simply being morons.
  12. Just kill animals for meat --> cook it. Its really cheap
  13. They need to fix this and they will. Everyone is complaining about it. If they want anyone to play this game they just need to fix that. I agree with you its broken, everyone knows that. All im saying is that exploiting smt instead of reporting it will result in progress wipe from Rockstar. Which basically means there is no reason to play rn.
  14. Beta´s been here for 3 days. If you expect to be without problems you are naive. Don´t excuse your exploits by state of game
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