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  1. And what do you get for that "achievement"?
  2. Ye i did that.yesterday. It worked. It does not work from catalogue.
  3. Varmint really needs nerf in pvp. Its really obsolete to buy any other weapons rn. Especially in deathmatches - like 70% kills are from varmint rifles. Its range allows you to headshot someone who you don´t even see through mist for instance. Either nerf that range in pvp or just reduce headshot dmg. Varmint is meant to be hunting weapon. Right now it seems to be the best pvp weapon too.
  4. I can't switch to gold when trying to buy that lure. Simply doesn't wotk for me. Works for a lot of things, just not with that lure.
  5. Well its second beta week but I can assure you this will never be CoD or Battlefield, it´s not intended.
  6. Have you lost something? Because i didn't even when I was DCd.
  7. How did you buy that lake lure? I have like 3 gold bars and when I want to buy it it keeps telling me its from rank 30. Where did u buy it?
  8. 5 days after beta started for everyone ? Yes.
  9. Fishing is really good too. You get +10 health for every fish.
  10. Ye you are probably true. The only reason is they are just assholes.
  11. Maybe it makes them feel better. Let them compensate their life failure in game at least 🙂 or they are simply being morons.
  12. Just kill animals for meat --> cook it. Its really cheap
  13. They need to fix this and they will. Everyone is complaining about it. If they want anyone to play this game they just need to fix that. I agree with you its broken, everyone knows that. All im saying is that exploiting smt instead of reporting it will result in progress wipe from Rockstar. Which basically means there is no reason to play rn.
  14. Beta´s been here for 3 days. If you expect to be without problems you are naive. Don´t excuse your exploits by state of game
  15. This is exactly the reason why they gonna wipe progress entirely ... because people use glitches instead of reporting them so they can fix it.
  16. Thanks for advice, I´ll try that
  17. Report that glitch if possible. Economy will change in this game. Its 3 days beta rn man.
  18. Im at average weight. Your character changes its weight over time which means you have to eat properly every like 8 ingame hours. RDR2 is pretty real in this so you can´t just eat 20 cans of beans at once and expect to gain weight.
  19. Hey guys, I have a problem with in-game voice chat volume. I got Sony PS4 Gold Wireless Headset and I simply don´t know how to tune volume to hear people loudly. The only time I hear people talking is when I decrease all other sound effects in game to minimum (1) and increase volume on headset to full. But even then when there is shooting I simply don´t hear people properly. Any tips? Thanks in advance
  20. Happened to me too. Just reload free roam mode.
  21. Those 6 missions are final for this beta phase i guess. That lady who gets you wants from prison wants you to kill 4 people who are responsible for her husband. At Fort Mercer (last quest) you killed the first one and I think its where it ends for now. It will ofc continue once early beta is behind us. Do stranger missions, participate in events/pvp modes/races. Oh boy those races, they are really cool btw.
  22. Pretty much everything will be solved by time m8. Its fresh start of beta 😉 once trolls have bounty on their heads for killing you for no reason and people/law will hunt them down it will be OK. Btw you only see enemies on minimap for a certain period od time (when you character sees them physically/ when there is shooting etc.). They can hide behind or inside a building and u don't see them anymore. Btw i think those deadmatches will be much better when people get other weapons like scope rifles/shotguns etc. But after all classic deathmatch is only 1 mode out of like 10 others so. I really like that team deathmatch when you get points according to weapon used 1 for repeater/7 for tomahawk etc.)
  23. Noone knows yet. Rockstar stated they don't want to reset progress but they can't guarantee nothing. If everything goes ok they won't reset it.
  24. Well its really easy to create freejoin posse in game. Other 3 people will join pretty quick so you can do missions together pretty safe. Its a temporal posse which is disbanded after leader leaves the game. Trolls usually don't attack groups of players 🙂
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