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Penalty for failure/hardcore mode


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Would anyone else like to see a more intense mode added to R* games, where essentially there is a penalty for failure - ie if you die, you don't just respawn, or get to restart the mission straight away.

Not necessarily perma-death (although that could be an option), but something where perhaps you had to cover medical bills for a surgeon/doctor who "saves you" when you die in game.  

I actually mentioned this in another post, but thought it could stimulate some conversation so I created a new thread.

Let's say you "die" in game, and perhaps you can't cover the bill, so you have to do something like a barter to pay your fees, or you get a credit note where the doctor says "this is the last time I can help you for free", or you owe a debt which you have to repay.

Or would this be too hard to implement (at least well) and get in the way of gameplay...I suppose it could add a real challenge as like a new game+ feature.

I know we all try not to die in games, obviously, but something like this would create an extra sense of urgency to stay alive, to plan ahead, and perhaps play even more realistically.  Big battles would feel more epic and dangerous, with real peril.  There would be an incentive to make sure you plan ahead, think through every potential encounter etc.

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4 hours ago, Benjo said:

Be interesting if you got your arm shot off and had to play the rest of the game with a disability

I didn't even think of that. It would have to be reset though after you die and start over but say you survive... you have to keep going. Would be insane to play the game with only one leg though. Imagine getting on and off your horse 🤣

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Just have character perma death like horse perma-death.  One life.  Then start a new character!  :)

This would be too boring in a game with missions, no one would redo them again and again if they died.  However, if the game was entirely free roam with a super huge map and loads of stranger quests and encounters, then I could see it working.  Every new character you create also has to have a different name and appearance from the last ones you had.  Random start location.

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