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  1. Did you get the Collector’s Item achievement/trophy? I'll spoiler the information I found on this for you. I was able to do it no problem when I did:
  2. I did this. I missed quite a number of things the first time through. Some were obvious and others I had to look up. If anyone is serious about 100%ing the game after having beat it once, it is best to follow a guide or a "let's play" that focuses on 100% completion.
  3. I had this happen a few times. I would exit the game completely and then turn off my system. Fixed it every time. I have heard of this happening to others as well so it is likely just a minor bug they didn't fix yet.
  4. For anyone else wondering: Not sure why this was bumped but may as well add the tune here so people can hear it.
  5. I just can't believe I didn't know about this game. Blows Red Dead Redemption out of the water! You all see the graphics? Nothing else like this out there man. I just can't believe we've come this far with game development!
  6. Yeah, both parts happen in the main story, not after completion of it. Could be a bug/glitch and you might have done it and it just didn't register it to show 2/2.
  7. Variations is just for changing colors. I always had some options in there myself so I don't know if you need to do something prior to them appearing or what. As mentioned, it might be worth exiting the game and rebooting your system. Maybe save the game under a new file as well.
  8. I never thought it was anything more than just a random trinket to sell. I don't think they considered it to be anything special. Maybe it is an inside joke or symbol for some of the devs. I know they like to put pieces of themselves into the game in a way the players likely would never notice.
  9. Ehh. I can't be bothered. I may regret it when I get low on in game cash but I hardly ever use that account and I would have to figure out the password and it is just too much of a bother.
  10. It is basically a quick entry feature to join other players you may not know so you can do tasks and missions as a group if you need to. You aren't obligated to stay once you join either.
  11. I told my buddy the same thing. He got the game and played the story twice and kept telling me he wouldn't touch the online end of it. Finally talked him into it and he is stressing over every little thing. When you don't just throw yourself out there and mess around, you miss out on a lot of fun.
  12. Yeah, they gave these to everyone to test a feature or something. You really don't get much as mentioned so if you can't figure out where your's is, don't feel bad. You aren't missing out on much.
  13. I don't mind them not holding our hands and letting us figure things out. It makes the game more fun, at least to me. I got annoyed at some points but it has been a while since a game challenged me the way this one has.
  14. Yeah DLC horses you keep. I am not sure if it is only found at that one stable or not after they die but they are protected content automatically.
  15. The game will not be like others but that doesn't make it more closed off or less "realistic". They are still using the same core that Rockstar is known for. If they changed their games to match what other devs do on other online open word multi-players, we'd be paying for the same game over and over again.
  16. I can see it happening. I mean I have said it before that I think it is worth their time as it would pay off. A lot of gamers prefer to play games like this that are multiplayer on a computer anymore. I don't mind either way but they would make a second sale from me if they did port it to PC.
  17. I am not sure if this is the case for this game or not, but the more tries you do the same mission (depending on the type) the easier it gets. I don't know if Rockstar implemented this or not so don't take my word for it but if this is the case, just keep trying and it will get easier for you. Can anyone verify this? I didn't struggle enough on any missions to notice a change.
  18. I thought I spotted one but I wasn't sure. How rare are these hives and are they worth anything? Like is it something I can collect or something? Would be cool if you could use honey in a recipe.
  19. A lot of games don't have official forums. There likely isn't a need or desire for these companies to host them. Most people use social media now so if you want to interact with them directly, you do it on Twitter or in some cases, Facebook.
  20. I don't think I actually watched this movie. I will have to check it out. I have seen quite a number of wild west films but I am not a major movie buff or anything so I am sure I missed out on a lot.
  21. I think it has been long enough to ask. Most people should be done or nearly done with the game by now if they bought it right away. What part of the story would you consider bad? I am curious because I see one part, in particular, being mentioned a lot and I want to see if it holds true here.
  22. That looks like the Calloway’s Revolver. You get it like this: There is also the Canis Canem Edit too.
  23. They will likely expand the game in that region be it online only or DLC stories. This is what I am assuming anyways.
  24. What would be the point of remaking it though? Red Dead Redemption follows the life of John after leaving the gang. There is only a small amount of time between RDR2 ending and RDR1 beginning.
  25. Bears are the hardest to track down. They are in those areas though, I myself have gotten a few. It just takes a long ass time. If you are trying by the Montana River (that is where I remember getting a few) check closer to the river and check at all points of the day. I think dusk and dawn are the best times to catch them by the water. You can also try the old gaming trick of looking for something else in the area. Usually when I stop looking for something, it shows up lol
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