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  1. Sounds like you know a lot more detail than me, I'm just on my 2nd run-through, can't remember all the dialogue, though I do notice the relevant plot conversations. Hope I'm wrong and you can find it, just thought it made more plot sense to be only Arthur doing that bit...
  2. Liquor I think this happens a lot, I know I've been guilty in the past, I'm sure I'm not the only one. I think sometimes we can assume more meaning behind behaviour than there actually is. Random players will play randomly...
  3. I would have thought Oh Brother could only be done with Arthur, simply on the basis that Arthur's character is discussed, the sister talks about it. Could be wrong but I don't think it would work with John, it's about redemption, and John doesn't get his this game...
  4. It happens a lot joining Racing lobbies, it is just a timing thing, if you're lucky you get straight into a lobby. I don't mind a bit of spectating before a few races, but it's annoying when you're only joining one mission and have to watch another.
  5. I'm on my second play and can't believe how much I missed first time round, feel like I barely touched beyond the Story, though it didn't feel it at the time. I've been trying to keep the story on hold and find myself getting annoyed when I start a mission that 'moves things on', cos I know the atmosphere back at camp, well it don't get better do it? So I wanted to keep things at Chapter 2 and now I'm at Chapter 4. Must stop doing missions... but y'know, sometimes ye want those posse rides. 🙂 So far as the note goes, nope, I'll keep an eye out for it next time, ta.
  6. Yes, you need to go there, just sneak down the side of the river then creep up to him, you should manage it without getting caught, but don't go riding in.
  7. I've never met Gavin's friend on a horse, only on foot. Don't worry, he'll be fine...
  8. Think that might be it, they do get fright.
  9. Did you try aiming at it? I've come across invisible animals showing up in aim and have come across a (live) horse up to it's neck in road. It may have been a glitched predator.
  10. Nope, I only discovered the rock carvings and dreamcatchers 2nd time around, missed them completely first time. Sure you haven't a yellow mission open on your map? Check in Progress, Story, last mission (I think)
  11. There have been thousands of years of human history involving ever-changing waves of human immigration, shifting borders, rising and falling empires. In the past 2000 years I can think of very few successful Walls. (China, Hadrian's, Berlin spring to mind, but no others do...) None of them lasted long, none of them were successful in stopping the flow of human history, but in their favour each has provided their country with a popular tourist attraction. So, get in early, set up your tour company, and in say 20 years you could be running tours to view the "Trump Wall"... or what's left of it after it has been scavenged for shanty-town building...
  12. RDR2 is set in 1899, RDR is set in 1911. RDO is set just before or during the early events of RDR2.
  13. I think you may have hyperactivity issues. Don't you like to breathe between games? Let the adrenaline levels dip just a bit? Don't you like to check out the competition, make value judgements about their sad lives and cutting comments about their sad clothes? I know I do... You want me to saddle up, hunt, pick some seasoning, cook my supper, AND have a free-for-all before bedtime..? Oh! And it's not even bedtime, it's back into another game! You young'uns...
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