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  1. Syrens


    That is true, my generation did start it, and now the young kids are all following. I never saw much point.
  2. Syrens


    What I don't get is why there's so many people vaping now, that never smoked in their lives, it's almost become a fad I find. I used to smoke don't get me wrong, but I quite some 5 years ago cold turkey. Never had the notion to go and take up vaping.
  3. Syrens


    I was apprehensive initially but now I'm a tad deflated cause I've no weekly watch anymore. Need to find me another series now.
  4. Still on my first playthrough, Online doesn't interest me.
  5. I've no idea, I've not played the game in a month of so, kinda lost interest.
  6. Ah so it's still in the same "timeline" so to speak of? As in, it's not a separate entity/parallel universe entirely then?
  7. I never understand that! Just move it from the drive onto the lawn or something, literally moving it to the road just doubles or triples the original problem of driving on the damn road. Some people are moronic in times like this.
  8. Haha crazy. I've solved the problem mostly by not going outside, but it's getting old and rather boring now.
  9. Hah, I'm Michigan, I figured someone must be worse off than me, I feel ya!
  10. I'm in the midwest, it's been basically non stop for what seems like forever!
  11. Well I've not really been online much but from the low down I think the griefing should be addressed a tad more than it already is. Although from my experience it does seem to be folk who technically shouldn't be playing the game anyways, which is always frustrating.
  12. I like my men clean, so I make him shave every morning at camp 🤣
  13. Hair tonics, sleep, and beyond chapter 5 is the way to go it would seem.
  14. I've heard if you don't call the horse, and actually physically GO TO the horse, everything is intact on it's back. Dunno if it's true for online or SP though I can't recall. I've not played online so only going by what I've read!
  15. Ah right, I'm not that far into the game yet so I wasn't aware of that. My bad.
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